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Colours of Sindh showcased at Lok Mela

December 04, 2022

Islamabad : Cultural pavilions set up by different provinces became a major attraction of the Folk Festival Lok Mela being held here at Shakarparian.

While visiting the festival grounds, one can see an aesthetically designed pavilion depicting the rich culture and traditional architecture of the land of Sufi saints Sindh province. Sindh is famous for a wide range of folk crafts like lacquer art, farasi weaving, blue pottery, Sindhi embroidery, Ajrak block printing, Farasi (floor rug), Ralli (applique work), tie-dye, Khes weaving, woodwork, Thari embroidery and several others, which all have been showcased here.

The artisans who were seen displaying their craftsmanship include Nadia, Gul Khatoon, and Badshahzadi in ralli making, Anila Channa and Ghulam Muhammad in Khes, and Lungi weaving. Rahiba in date palm leaf work, Faqeer Muhammad in pottery marking, Sabreen Solangi in Moenjodaro replica, Shahzad Khan in Farasi weaving, Fida Hussain and Ghulam Nabi in Ajrak making. Prominent among the artisans is Khan Chand who excels in Sindhi Jutti (Shoe) making.

He is 67 years old with a standing experience of 42 years. He attained mastery in this field from his father who was also an accomplished master craftsman. He creates exquisite Sindhi shoes which are famous all over Sindh. He uses pure leather, cotton and silk thread, etc.

for making this beautiful craft with unmatched quality not found anywhere in the province. He has trained a number of students in his native town. He has also been attending various festivals and exhibitions organized locally as well as at the federal level including Lok Mela for the last 35 years. Artists, musicians and folk dance groups from Sindh include Ajmal Bhel (Jhoomar dance), Sain Dad (Matka player), Sattar Jogi (Murli/Been player), Ghulam Arshad (banjo player), Sajjan Jogi (Harmonium player), Ashiq (Shehnai player), Akbar Khamiso Khan (Alghoza player), Farah Lashari and Ejaz Ali (singer).

The other features of the Sindh pavilion include a book stall arranged by Sindh cultural department, Sindhi bangles, Larkana Mawa (khoya), and Shikarpuri achar (pickle) among others. The pavilion held a cultural evening late Friday at Lok Virsa Open Air Theatre which featured eminent artists from Sindh province. The 10-day Lok Mela will continue till December 4th.