Wednesday February 01, 2023

Drug-free Hoshab

December 04, 2022

Hoshab is one of the most populated tehsils of Kech District. As the population has grown, so have the area’s problems. By far the most worrying, is the rising rate of drug abuse and addiction among the population. The worst-affected are the poor who are deprived of education and employment, leading them to turn to drugs as an escape. However, the problem is not confined to the poor alone. Increasingly, many students from middle-class families are getting caught up in the burgeoning drug culture.

Though the people of Hoshab are trying their best to keep their loved ones away from drugs, their efforts alone are not enough. The law-enforcement authorities and local government need to do their part. They need to launch a campaign to apprehend the drug dealers. Furthermore, it would be advisable to build a rehabilitation facility in Hoshab that can assist those who want to quit drugs and lead a normal life. Such a facility can also be used to spread awareness about the dangers of drugs and to encourage people to stay away from them.

Maqbool Baloch