Friday February 23, 2024

Visit to remember

December 02, 2022

Last month, I had a very distressing visit to Jinnah hospital for a consultation with my mother. As we entered the gates, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. The hospital was badly overcrowded, which is understandable as it is a government hospital, but the unsanitary conditions horrified me. Wrappers were littering the ground, and heaps of garbage were left unchecked in the dustbins, an ideal place for germs and flies to thrive. This is something one would expect a healthcare facility to avoid at all costs.

A hospital needs to prevent the spread of disease and infection, not spread it. This can only be done by maintaining strict hygiene standards. I urge the health ministry to take strict action against hospitals cutting corners when it comes to sanitary conditions, allocate a larger budget towards the health sector and implement better health and safety regulations.

Ambreen Fatima