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Committee finalises draft for changes in Federal Universities Act

November 29, 2022

The six-member committee has finalised the draft for changes in the Federal Universities Act, under which the post of deputy chair and senate will be abolished at federal universities, while the syndicate will be empowered.

Similarly, the authority to appoint the acting vice-chancellor is being given to the pro-chancellor/relevant federal minister instead of the president, while a search committee based on academicians and civil society members will be formed and the president/chancellor will decide on the matter of appointing the vice-chancellor and will be bound by the recommendations of the search committee.

The Higher Education Commission formed a six-member committee on November 8 to amend the Federal Universities Act, which held several meetings. Dr Junaid Zaidi has been appointed convener of the committee while the members are Dr Muhammad Ali Shah, Dr Ziaul Qayyum, HEC’s Awais Ahmed, Dr Amjad Hussain and Hakim Ali Talpur.