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Notification issued to sell roti at new price

By Khalid Iqbal
November 29, 2022

Rawalpindi:Finally, the local administration has accepted the prices of ‘Roti’ and ‘Naan’ fixed by Naanbais by own and issued a proper notification to sell a ‘roti’ at Rs15 and a ‘naan’ at Rs20.

While, the Naanbais were selling a ‘roti’ at Rs15 and a ‘naan’ at Rs20 for over one year but local administration was continuously fixing the rate of ‘roti’ at Rs7 and ‘naan’ at Rs10. The local administration has also increased the prices of mutton by Rs100 per kilogram and fixed the official price at Rs1,400 against Rs1,300, while fixed the rate of beef at Rs700 against Rs650.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Shoib Ali has fixed the prices of necessary food items and issued a notification. The local administration hands up to fix the price of most expensive item ‘onion’ which was selling in exorbitant rates at Rs200 to Rs220 per kilogram in all vegetable shops. According to Notification No IPWM/RWP/42/385 in which Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi fixed the rates of necessary items like pulses, rice, red chili, basin, milk, yogurt, mutton, beef and roti/naan.

The administration has also fixed the rate of white ‘channy’ at Rs327 but it is being sold at Rs360 per kilogram in open market shops. The administration has fixed the rate of basmati rice at Rs262 while it is being sold between R300 to340 per kilogram, ‘daal channa’ at Rs237 but it is being sold at Rs265, ‘daal moong’ at Rs237 but it is being sold at Rs255 per kilogram, ‘daal masoor’ fixed at Rs357 but it is being sold at Rs370.

The price of ‘daal mash’ has been fixed at Rs365 but it is being sold at Rs400, the price of the basin has been fixed at Rs232 but it is being sold at Rs260. The administration has fixed the prices of milk (high fat) at Rs150 and (low fat) at Rs125. But, overall milk is being sold selling at Rs160 per litre.

The administration after issuing the official price list warned profiteers and hoarders to obey this list at any cost otherwise strict action would be taken against them. But, profiteers and hoarders right away rejected the official price list of the district administration and continue looting the public as per routine.

The retail shopkeepers said that the local administration issued an official price list without any sense only to show their performance in papers. It seems that the local administration, Rawalpindi is completely unaware of the prices of daily consumable items like sugar, meat, pulses, chicken, rice, milk, ‘atta’, and ‘roti’ sold in the open market.