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10 outlaws held

By Our crime correspondent
November 27, 2022

Islamabad : Capital police apprehended 10 outlaws and recovered drugs and weapons with ammunition from their possession, a police public relations officer said.

The Abpara police team arrested an accused and recovered one 9mm pistol with ammunition from his possession. Likewise, Secretariat police team arrested a drug peddler and recovered 1,018 gram hashish from his possession.

Similarly, the Golra police team arrested an accused involved in illegally selling oil.

Tarnol police arrested three accused and recovered 1,220 gram hashish, one pistol and a gun with ammunition from their possession.

Sabzi Mandi police arrested two accused for possessing illegal weapons and recovered two pistols with ammunition from them.

Shahzad Town police team arrested two accused involved in drug peddling and possessing illegal weapons and recovered 1,350 gram hashish and a pistol with ammunition from them.