Sunday January 29, 2023

Crime online

November 26, 2022

I would like to draw attention to the growing prevalence of cybercrime. Cybercrime usually involves the use of digital technology to steal people’s money, theft of personal data or locking one out of their computer until they make a payment to the criminal. It also includes using online platforms, mostly on the dark web, to sell contraband such as drugs or child pornography. The victims of these crimes range from ordinary households to large multinational corporations.

In countries like Pakistan, the growth in access to digital technologies has outpaced education and literacy, let alone digital literacy. As a result, Pakistanis are more vulnerable to cybercrimes than most. The government should launch an awareness campaign focused on cybercrime and how to avoid it and also ensure that the cybercrimes units of our police departments are equipped with the tools and training needed to catch digital criminals.

Saima Rasheed Rajpoot