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Woman raped by patient in Paris hospital

November 25, 2022

PARIS: A young woman was raped last month in a Paris hospital by another patient, who was under an expulsion order to leave France, her lawyer and sources said on Thursday.

The assault took place during the night of October 27-28 at the Cochin hospital in Paris, where the woman was in emergency care for brain trauma, her lawyer Laura Abecassis told AFP. The man suspected of carrying out the assault has been arrested but the woman, 34, has also filed a complaint over the danger posed to her life, the lawyer added.

Around 4:00 am, a nurse startled a man in the young woman´s cubicle while he was raping her as she slept, according to a source familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named. He then fled but thanks to the description provided by the nurse and the victim he was arrested an hour later, the source added. French press reports said he was carrying her bank card.