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JI chief links stability to rule of law

By Our Correspondent
November 25, 2022

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Siraj-ul-Haq has reiterated that the rule of law and Constitution is the foremost prerequisite for stability, but unfortunately, the worst governance by all previous rulers pushed the masses into unemployment, unrest, hunger and poverty.

Addressing a meeting with JI’s women wing office-bearers at Mansoora on Thursday, who called on him led by Dr Humira Tariq, he said federal and provincial governments had left the people at the mercy of the worst economic and social conditions they themselves had created.

He emphasised that women and housewives are the worst suffered and most worried in the current situation as meeting basic needs like education of children, payment of monthly bills, availability of ration have become a gigantic task.

He lamented that in the rosy slogan of equal rights, the women were deprived of even the basic rights. The tyrannical capitalist usurious system and its loyal people are the cause of deprivation and suffering.

He said that women being more than 50% of country’s population, and the most important stakeholder, should play a full role in the upcoming election. He demanded election commission not to allow those candidates to contest polls who deprived women of their inheritance under Islamic laws.

He said the implementation of Islamic system guarantees peace and development, and only the Islamic society could provide women with all the rights.

Siraj-ul-Haq said that the rulers had deprived the people of their rights, a few families have taken the whole system hostage.

He said the curse of dowry created hardships for poor women, while rulers attacked the family system by passing the so-called domestic violence law in subservience to the West. Similarly, the Transgender Act was introduced to create distortion in the society. The women should create awareness against the laws violating Islam.

Forced marriage is not permissible in Islam, the abhorrent rituals of marriage, business and Quran should be stopped. Separate universities should be established for women, the state should arrange free education for girls, he added.