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Everyone’s a winner: Alishay Adnan and Mehek Saeed show us how it’s done in style-off

By Amina Baig
November 15, 2022

Karachi:One wouldn’t think an earth-caked runway would work, but it does. One also wouldn’t think that two stylists – albeit two of the best in the game – could generate looks around workwear that would excite an audience, but that they did.

As Teams Mehek and Alishey walked down the ramp that circled around a pillar, their audience studiously recorded points on pieces of paper to measure how one stylist did against the other. Fun and quick, the show was cheering: fashion showcases are edging their way back into our worlds, and it feels – for lack of a more appropriate word – nice.

Though both Saeed and Adnan are great at their jobs, their styles are markedly different. Mehek Saeed tends to block elements up against each other to create a look, while Alishay Adnan’s style is on the tailored side of feminine, every ‘fit finished with delicate, blink-and-you-might-miss-them details that pull an entire look together.