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In a first, Holocaust survivor lectures in Arab world

November 11, 2022
In a first, Holocaust survivor lectures in Arab world

DUBAI: The Muslims and the Jews lit candles of peace in Dubai’s Crossroads of Civilisations Museum and paid tributes to those who were brutally killed in the Holocaust in Europe.

The event titled ‘Let There Be Light’ was arranged by International March of the Living (MOTL) in the association of Dubai’s Crossroads of Civilisations Museum. Eve Kugler, who returned from the brink of death during the Holocaust, was the special guest at the event. It is for the first time in the Arab world that a Holocaust survivor spoke directly to the followers of different religions. A large number of Muslims also participated in the historical event.

Eva Kugler, 91, said that one person (Adolf Hitler) sowed hatred in Europe and set the entire society on fire, which led to the killing of millions of people on the basis of religious prejudice alone.

Speaking with The News following the ceremony, Eva Kugler said that Pakistan is an Islamic country that lost millions of lives during its creation, which is very painful. She said that she could feel the grief and pain of partition because her father and grandfather were attacked by Nazis because of religious beliefs.

“I want people to understand that what happened to my family could not happen to them. It is that simple,” she stated. Eva Kugler insisted that hatred against Muslims “Islamophobia” or hatred against Jews “Antisemitism” can be eliminated only through interfaith dialogue.

“We have got to learn to live together with respect and stop killing each other,” she said. Earlier in the day, she addressed a classroom of Jewish and Muslim students in the Emirates. Surprisingly, she met a Pakistani student too in that classroom.

Eva Kugler said a hope has been awakened by visiting Dubai that love and cooperation is also increasing in the world. The Emirati organiser of the event, Ahmed Al Mansoori, while quoting the verses of the Holy Quran in the event, mentioned that Islam gives the message of love only.

He said that Islam gives the message “whoever saves a life it is as though he had saved the lives of all mankind”. Talking to The News, Ahmed Al Mansoori said that the purpose of the event was to initiate interfaith dialogue to counter Islamophobia and hatred against other religions.