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Rally staged against Imran Khan in Mardan

November 08, 2022

MARDAN: Hundreds of activists of civil society organizations and Tahafuz Nazaria Pakistan Movement on Monday staged a rally in support of the Pakistan Army and against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran and other party leaders.

The participants of the rally raised slogans in favour of the Pakistan Army and against the PTI leadership. Later, addressing a news conference at the Mardan Press Club, former Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Obaid Khan Mayar, Adnan Bacha, Hafiz Naeem and others termed PTI’s long march a conspiracy to divide the country.

They said some elements were pushing the country towards a civil war for furthering personal interests. The speakers said under a conspiracy, the minds of the youth were being polluted against the Pakistan Army to spread chaos in the country. However, they said, the nation would stand united to foil such conspiracies.

Former prime minister Imran Khan, they said, was trying to destabilize the country. The protection of the country was not the responsibility of the army only but the entire nation, they added. The speakers alleged that Imran Khan lost his senses after the Pakistan Democratic Movement removed him from power through a no-confidence motion.

They condemned the PTI Mardan MPAs for allegedly chanting slogans against the Army, adding that the nation stood with the Pakistan Army that had rendered unmatched sacrifices for the restoration of peace in the country. The speakers vowed to challenge the elements plotting against the Pakistan Army.