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3rd Children’s Literature Festival kicks off tomorrow

By our correspondents
February 25, 2016


The third Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) will take place at the Dawood Public School between February 26 and 28, announced Baela Raza Jamil, the trustee/advisor for Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), in a crowded press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday.

She said reviewing the successes of the previous CLFs being held since 2011, a varied collection of actors, performers, renowned writers and education experts were eagerly waiting to attend the festival and contribute to the lifelong learning of our children.

Jamil said the three-day festival will be structured around numerous interactive sessions, programmes, workshops and performances throughout the day for not just the children, but also teachers and parents.

“Like before, the last day of the festival will be dedicated to teachers and will be called the 6th Teachers’ Literature Festival,” she said. “The CLF will create a platform for all stakeholders in the system to learn and discuss the importance of creativity and joy for reading for our children.”

She opined that learning for children was not restricted to course books. In fact, she said, learning for children came primarily from their experiences and close observation of their surroundings. “This is why the CLF is an inclusive social movement which aims to building critical thinking among the young people,” she remarked.

“This time, the CLF will also host an award winning author and storyteller from Canada, Rukhsana Khan, with help from the Canadian High Commission.”  

Also speaking on the occasion, the CEO of Dawood Public School said she was proud to host the CLF and the school’s collaboration with the festival reflected the institution’s commitment to promote education across all strata of society.

Asfandyar Khan, an office bearer of the Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI), said it would be a wonderful opportunity for children to be able to learn how to express themselves freely. He said institutions like the CLF continue to exist emphasizes the need to continue investing in our children, who were our future.