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PTCL starts programme for PWDs

By News Desk
October 27, 2022

KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Group has signed an agreement with the Network of Organizations Working for People with Disabilities Pakistan (NOWPDP) and Deaftawk to launch third cohort of its flagship skill training programme, Justuju for professional development of persons with disabilities (PWDs), a statement said on Wednesday.

For the 3rd cohort, PTCL has extended the program from six weeks to six months with two months of soft skills training and four months of on-the-job training to allow extended mentorship and learning for professional success.

Justuju internship program is designed to bridge the gaps in the society through social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities. Talented individuals are prepared for career through robust training and hands-on experience under expert mentorship at PTCL and Ufone offices.

The program will be implemented in collaboration with NOWPDP, which works to promote socioeconomic inclusion of persons with disabilities, and Deaftawk that bridges the communication gap between individuals with speaking and hearing impairment and the rest of society through qualified interpreters and digital tools.