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Law Minister Azam Tarar resigns

Federal Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar tendered his resignation for ‘personal reasons’

By News Desk
October 25, 2022
Azam Nazeer Tarar. PID
Azam Nazeer Tarar. PID

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar Monday tendered his resignation for ‘personal reasons’.

Tarar’s resignation came after he was spotted in the Asma Jahangir Conference where audiences chanted slogans against state institutions. Tarar sent his handwritten resignation to President Dr Arif Alvi stating that he could not perform as federal minister for personal reasons.

He also expressed sorrow over the sloganeering raised against the national institutions during the closing ceremony of Asma Jahangir Conference in Lahore on Sunday. 

“I am disappointed at the way a small group of participants behaved at AJCON22 today by unnecessarily chanting slogans against state institutions and not listing to the achievements so far made for their benefits. We must respect each other’s point of view – hallmark of democratic society,” he tweeted.

The media quoted a lawyer close to Tarar as saying that he supported Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umar Ata Bandial’s decision of elevating junior judges to the Supreme Court on the government’s instruction but “his conscience was not accepting it”. 

“Therefore he is resigning now,” the lawyer added.