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The Legend of Maula Jatt: Only three days, five countries, 19 crore rupee business

By Mohammad Nasir
October 17, 2022

KARACHI: The film The Legend of Maula Jatt presented by Geo films, Encyclomedia and Lashari Films has collected 19 crore rupees from 5 countries in just 3 days. All the tickets were sold out in the first week of the blockbuster film’s worldwide release.

It beat all Punjabi and Hindi films in other countries, including the UK, Canada and USA. The series of house full shows continues in Pakistan as well. Overseas Pakistanis have complained about non-availability of movie tickets due to house full shows. A young man in Germany said that there are long queues to watch this film.

In the UK, the film beat Hollywood and Punjabi films, and in Canadian cinemas, the Pakistani film beat all Hindi films. It was the most successful of all the Punjabi films in America, while in just 3 days, all Pakistani box office records were also broken.

Majority of the moviegoers say that they have not seen such a unique movie. They said that they will come back to watch this blockbuster movie because it is a repeat watcher.

Special reviews were taken from the leaders of the Sikh community in Montreal, Canada, regarding this film. A Sardar said that he had specially taken leave from the office for this film, it is the best film of South Asia. Another Sikh said that he has sacrificed himself for “Maula Jatt”. “I enjoyed the movie so much that I will watch it again. All the actors have filled the colors of reality.”