By Asif Khan
Tue, 06, 22

Let’s get to know the beauty secrets of this stunning model and actor…


beauty interview

With her luscious dark brown hair and smouldering brown eyes, this girl next door is now a versatile actor of today. Yashma Gill has been dominating the small screen with her acting chops. Gill made her acting debut in 2016 with ‘Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi’. She went on to give incredible performances, whether it was a supporting role or a lead role. She has been part of critically acclaimed projects like ‘Ki Jaana Main Kaun’; ‘Qurban’; ‘Kab Mere Kehlaoge’; ‘Ghar Titli Ka Par’; ‘Piya Ka Naam Diya’; ‘Gustakh Dil’; ‘Pyaar Ke Sadqay’; ‘Phaans’; ‘Mujhe Khuda Pay Yaqeen Hai’, ‘Tasveer’ and ‘Bebaak’ to name a few. Yashma is ambitious by nature and she always wants to try something new, which is why in August 2019, she launched her own YouTube channel. And in a short span of time, she gained 117k subscribers as she shares her uber witty vlogs.

Now, Yashma is making her comeback on Geo Entertainment starring alongside Shahroz Sabzwari for an upcoming drama ‘Haq Meher’. The plot follows the story of a young woman caught up in family politics with her marriage at the centre of the dispute. Starring in the lead, Gill is to play the role of this obedient desi girl who is expected to live her life according to how other people want her to. The story will catch a glimpse of the transformation of her character as she finally stands up and fights for her rights. Let’s get to know the beauty secrets of this stunning model and actor…


How old were you, when you started doing your makeup?

Around 15.

What is your everyday makeup look like?

I usually go for subtle makeup that accentuates your features. Mascara, concealer and slight blush are my go-tos.

When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?

Not always. Only when I’m in the mood to, which is almost always. (haha)

Do you use sunblocks or any serums when you go to shoots?

Sunblock, yes! It is so important to keep your skin protected against those dangerous sun rays.

Any tips for school and university going girls to deal with summers?

Make sure to double cleanse, use a light moisturiser and lots of sunblock.

What’s your favourite perfume?

VS Bombshell.

What are your favourite brands in lipsticks?

I love M.A.C, Nyx and Maybelline!


Do you use lighter tones of foundations or warm tones?

Whatever matches my skin.

After coming back from shoots, how do you remove the makeup?

First, I use Micellar water and then cleanser.

Hair gets damaged after straightening and blow drying. How do you manage?

I make sure to use a heat protectant serum and I try oiling my hair at least once a week to overawed damage.

And what do you do to keep your hair healthy?

I oil my hair, brush out the knots every night, use a silk pillowcase and try to avoid heat and chemicals.

What is your take on natural makeup or zero makeup?

To be honest, I just believe in whatever makes you feel comfortable whether it’s zero makeup, or light natural makeup. You do it, girl!

Advice for women who can’t buy expensive brands but still want to look good:

It is a myth that drugstore cannot be trusted! Some drugstore brands are as good, if not better.

One thing you can’t give up that keeps you healthy and fit?

I take green tea, workout as much as I can in a week and try to stay active. I pay attention to small things like climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

What is the one cosmetic you cannot do without?


And the favourite brand for it?

I like M.A.C the most.

What’s in your beauty bag?

Mascara, blush, lipstick and concealer. You have these and you’re pretty much ready for anything.

When applying makeup, what do you fear the most?

I fear messing up my eyeliner… one wrong move and there goes all your efforts.

Your favourite local stylist:

Fizza Ejaz.

Your favourite international beautician:

Makeup by Ariel.

Your go-to place for hair and makeup?


Your beauty regimen?

I experiment a lot and I guess that’s my rule. Try on that eyeshadow shade or that lipstick colour you thought wouldn’t suit you. Use that bronzer on your eyelids or as a lipstick. Use that lipstick as a blush. There are almost no rules in makeup!

Do you use anti-aging creams?

Not really. Sunblock is my anti-aging cream.

Where do you go for your makeup shopping?

I usually shop online or checkout kiosks and makeup stores at Dolmen Mall.

Do you use whitening creams?

Not at all. Not only am I comfortable with my skin but also whitening creams are very harmful for you!

What does the word ‘beauty’ mean to you?

Beauty means confidence and radiance. The way to achieve this is different for every person. Just accept yourself for who you are and beauty comes automatically.