By A. Akmal
Tue, 01, 22

This week You! has curated a list of hairstyles that will turn the heat up in this cold weather…


When it comes to dressing up for winter, your priority is to keep yourself nice and toasty – we’re talking coats, cosy socks, shawls, cardigans and whatnot. But just because the weather is dreary, doesn’t mean that your overall look has to be too. That’s when your hair comes to the rescue. Whatever your taste or hair type is, you can always find something that can make you stand out. Whether you are going for something chic, cute or classy, we’ve got something for you. This week You! has curated a list of the hairstyles that will turn the heat up in this cold weather…

Wavy bob

A wavy bob is both chic and playful. This winter, you should be wearing your bob in a more relaxed style with lots of subtle layers. There’s something for everyone with the wavy bob: thanks to the volume and shape of this bowl-esque style, your features instantly appear more streamlined and slimmer. It is perfect for almost every woman and is great for versatility. Not to mention the fact that you can get ready in under 5 minutes in the morning! Finally, the bob is ideal for adding a boho-chic touch to any outfit.


Loose low pony

You can’t go wrong with the no-fuss low ponytail. a classic hairstyle that has been re-invented for the modern, girl-on-the-go. It seems to be getting quite popular with millennials looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy and chic at the same time. We feel that it is a great hairstyle to style since you can finally wear your hair down. Whether you are going for something feminine or an androgynous style, it works best with any style and all hair types. Loose tendrils, stunning textured tresses, statement hair accessories and clip-in extensions that give your mane intense volume, are some styles we can’t wait to try!

The bubble pony

For girls who have thick hair, styling your hair can be long and tiring. This style is sporty, modern, and easy. Most of us likely first encountered the bubble pony on animated Disney heroines (remember Jasmine’s gorgeous dark locks?) but its latest iteration is anything but childish. Just pull your hair into a high pony, space elastics every few inches, and pull on both sides of each section to get that rounded effect. You can rock it with high-necks, coats and maybe a nice flowy evening gown.


Long (like really long) waves

It’s no secret that celebrities love their extensions and there’s no reason you shouldn’t too. The best thing about chilly weather is that you play with your hair length and also use your hair to keep warm. Since wedding season is upon us, you can use this opportunity to flaunt long hair with your festive outfits. Long hair with desi attire is always a banger combination.

Updo with sleek bangs

This is a classic. If you have bangs, you can easily make them the star of the show with this easy updo. Smooth your bangs and leave out a few longer pieces behind the ears for dimension. You can find a lot of inspiration for this kind of style from celebrities here and in Hollywood. This is a perfect style for anyone with a round or a chubby face as the bangs give a bit of a slimmy effect to your face.

Huge, dreamy curls

Curls always add a little bit of drama to your look, and while curling your hair too frequently can be damaging for your hair, you can try the twists! Twist-outs are great because they can be very versatile. Just separate your hair into neat small sections and twist! You’re going to want to use a leave-in curling conditioner and oil to seal the moisture in. If you have thick hair, first, separate your hair into 6 sections and then continue to subsection each of them. If you make your twists about the thickness of a pencil, they should last you a while.


Twisted-side braids

Braids are a great way to style your hair all year round but there is lot of potential for braids in the winter. It’s perfect to keep your hair out of your face if you are going to get down for some fun winter activities and it also allows you to flaunt your locks even if you are wearing a beanie or a hoodie. And we think the movie ‘Frozen’ already depicts how beautiful braids can look with a wintery outfit. You can try the twisted-side braid, which is feminine, relaxed, and just the right amount of messy. This braid looks best with a deep side part and works best with day old hair.


Dainty hair accessories

There is something about winter that just gravitates you to small details which is why dainty accessories made the cut. Make any hairdo look feminine and whimsical by adding dainty pearls throughout the style. It’s easy to weave them through a braid or add them as an accent in a top knot. Take a lazy hair day to full-on glam in two seconds with a pair of beaded hair clips. Bonus: They also work great to pull back grown-out bangs.