By Asif Khan
Tue, 09, 21

In a candid interview with You! the young musician Aoun Ali Khan shares his likes & dislikes with our readers


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Aoun Ali Khan made his first appearance on ‘Mazaqraat’ when Mohsin Abbas had to leave the TV show and Aoun qualified the auditions and made his way through. Replacing an established artist and that too in a successfully running TV show, is not a mean task especially for a new entrant but Aoun not only saved the drowning show but also made his presence felt and talent noticed.


Son of legendary musician Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan and younger brother of super star Amanat Ali, Aun has music in his genes. Apart from being the winner of TV show ‘Nach Ley’ (Season 3), Aoun also participated in PTV's National Anthem and rendered performances in plenty of TV shows. He started his play back singing career with the movie ‘Rang Ishq Da’, which is all set to be released shortly and these days he is working on three original tracks namely ‘Tijarat’, ‘Ki Kardi’ and ‘Adhori’ which will be released on YouTube. Let’s check out the likes and dislikes of this young musician…

You! What do you consider your biggest asset?

Aoun Ali Khan: My talent.

You! Your biggest strength:

AAK: My family.

You! Your claim to fame project?

AAK: TV show ‘Mazaqraat’.

You! How mighty was it a task, replacing a, established star Mohsin Abbas in Mazaqraat?

AAK: I was a little nervous in the beginning, but one fine day, to my utter surprise, I received a message from Mohsin, appreciating my work, and that was very overwhelming. Apart from that the love and feedback of my audience made my voyage even easier and fuelled me with the confidence, I needed.

You! Who do you attribute your success to?

AAK: I attribute my success to my parents, who went pillar to the post to support me. Without their prayers I couldn't have made this far.

You! Do you receive any negative criticism from the peers?

AAK: There are always negative people in every field but to such people I would say ‘Kuch toh log kahien gay, logon ka kaam hai kehna’ for them.

You! You’re most valuable possession:

AAK: My legendary father Nazakat Ali and brother Amanat Ali who are not only my source of inspiration but I have learnt a lot from them.


You! How do you handle it when feeling low?

AAK: I usually go for a run when I'm not in my best form.

You! You like girls who are:

AAK: Humble, not materialistic and those with whom I connect well on the same mental level.

You! Your worst nightmare:

AAK: Seeing myself not doing music.

You! The phase in life you cherish the most:

AAK: My carefree teenage years.

You! Something you would like to erase from your mind?

AAK: Nothing because I believe that good and bad experiences both help you evolve into a better person.

You! One thing you like about yourself?

AAK: I am fun loving.

You! What touches you the most?

AAK: Soulful melodies.

You! How would you like to define love?

AAK: Love is friendship.

You! One person you would like to dine out with:

AAK: My future wife.

You! If you could be another person, who would you like to be?

AAK: Michael Jackson.

You! Do you have any regrets?

AAK: I have always been an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Once my brother Amanat Ali was on a tour to India where he met SRK and tried to take me on a video call to make me speak to SRK, and to my sheer bad luck, I was far away from my cell phone and I missed that golden moment.

You! Biggest lesson learnt?

AAK: Life gets tricky sometimes, courtesy to inevitable circumstances when you are left with no option but to be a sheep in a herd of thousands, but even in such situations one should be listening to his heart, because it knows what you want.

You! Any parting words?

AAK: Respect women, keep Pakistan clean and green. And, specifically for the youth of Pakistan, work hard and make Pakistan proud of you.