By Anum Sanaullah
Tue, 09, 21

This week You! explores some techniques and postures that help revive your mental and physical health...



Whether you see life as a mere interaction of molecules or yourself as an energetically unique spirit, nobody can deny the importance of meditation and exercise in harmonising the union of mind, body, and soul. Whether suspended above the ground by a piece of cloth or by balancing a pose underwater, there are many ways you can achieve this. This week You! explores the usefulness of some techniques and postures that serve as an anecdote to growing mental and physical maladjustments…

In the air

If you are a fan of those massive swings in Bali, there is no way you will not love aerial yoga. If you didn't know already, aerial yoga was designed to complement the standard traditional yoga. Both offer their share of benefits; however, aerial yoga has a slight edge since it allows you to go deeper into postures by using the silk hammock as a prop for the body to access contact points that are otherwise difficult to reach on your own.


Participating in the practice can lead to increased flexibility and ease of movement in traditional yoga. According to Soha Jamshed, “It further allows a person to experience a wonderful sense of freedom from being completely suspended in the air as if one is floating.” Jamshed, having completed her degree in the UK, has been teaching aerial yoga swing classes since 2019 after getting certified from Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Soha believes it is very important for her clients to establish mind-body connection with controlled breath. “More advanced sequences will have elements of Pilates, gymnastics, and even acrobatics. Whether our practice was restorative or intense, we end the session with 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation.”

The decompressing impact on the body is also good for individuals who experience back discomfort and spend a lot of time sitting. In some ways, aerial yoga is akin to gentle yoga, which isn’t a specific sort of practice. Rather, it’s a milder, slower version of yoga, which has been practiced for decades. Props, such as foam wedges, are frequently used in gentle yoga to support peoples’ wrists and ankles during particular postures.


In the water

Take the plunge and do this low-impact workout to strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance. It’s entertaining, and you can make it as difficult as you like. A normal water aerobics class lasts an hour. To keep you motivated, an instructor will lead you through a series of routines, often set to music.

A warm-up, cardio, and strength-training routines, and a cool-down are all included in each water aerobics class. In addition, water walking, bicep curls, leg lifts, and kickboard routines are all on the menu. Of course, you won't be swimming, and most of your water workouts will take place in the shallow end of the pool.


Committed to helping people improve their health, especially people with specific health conditions, Julie Haris, a certified aqua instructor from YBFIT UK, believes that fitness is not only about training – it’s about connecting with your mind and body.

She believes aqua fitness is for everyone, from beginners to those with more advanced fitness levels, especially those who need help with the rehabilitation of their injuries or staying fit if they have reservations about working out on land. It helps them with mobility as well as gaining strength and staying toned and fit. (Though, it’s recommended that you consult a doctor first)

“My clients not only work on their bodies with me but also feel mentally rejuvenated. I aim to help them become the best version of themselves and stay fit, happy, and healthy. The power of water workouts should not be underestimated. It's a great pick me up and freshens the mind, body and soul.”

On the pole

Pole fitness is acrobatics centred on a vertical pole. Pole workouts can be explosive, challenging, and vigorous. It works the whole body, tones muscles, flexibility, coordination, improves posture, upper body, and core strength. Pole dancing is an extremely versatile sport. It has many different categories, some of the most prominent ones being: Pole sport, pole art, pole exotic.

“I discovered pole fitness almost two years ago when I was in Spain getting my Master’s degree,” shares Sara Iqbal. “At that point, I was only looking for a workout routine that would keep me fit and make me stronger. I fell in love with the pole in the very first session and it slowly became an addiction.”

One needs to be focussed on the current activity for it to be truly beneficial. The art of meditating begins with your attention focussed on your breathing. More often than not, it occurs when you enter the space between your thoughts and reach a deeper presence, thriving in the present moment.

According to Sara, it helps her clients push their limits to explore their own bodies and after only a short period of time, they can do things they never knew their bodies were capable of.

The mind-body connection is real, and the more in control we are of ourselves, the better chances of resolving inner chaos and bringing about external harmony. How we show up for ourselves and feel and perform impacts almost every aspect of our lives. So treat yourself well and make sure all of you are balanced!