By A. Akmal
Tue, 05, 21

With the sweltering summer heat upon us and our desire for something cosy and fashionable, we now skirt around the easy, breezy and classy…


Most of us can recall our nani or dadi who would wear a gharara at home so gracefully. As we went on with our fast-paced lives, our attires modernised into something sleek and dapper. However, as we spent the past year in cosy sweats and pyjamas, we realised our grandmothers were really on to something here. With lockdowns easing up in many places, our fashion choices still revolve around comfort but with style… Also, the summer season calls for cool outfits that require little effort to look put-together. And what could be a more ‘cool’ outfit than skirts for the sweltering heat of the season. Comfortable and cute, dressed up or dressed down, skirt outfits run the summer show. No matter your personal style or the style of skirt – midi, maxi, pencil or gharara – we’ve got you covered. This week You! rounds up style inspo for how you can style skirts so that your summer fashion is hot for every occasion…

A perfect summer casual yet elegant look by MAK Al-Karam’s Showcase.

Flaunt the pants

Whether it’s a festive occasion or if you want to exude elegance, there is no better style than our very own. Ghararas or gharara pants are now becoming popular again, especially in cotton and linen fabric. A traditional white gharara works with any and every style that you are going for. However, if you are up for some experimenting, it’s a nice idea to have one made in a digital print. You can pair it with a white top or a colour that matches. And the best part, unlike a palazzo, these pants flatter all body shapes.

This vibrant Nisa Hussain gharara outfit is the perfect choice for a festive event.

Midi affair

Midi skirts are a flattering skirt style for every woman. As its name suggests, a midi skirt’s length is in the middle of a mini skirt and maxi skirt, with its hemline falling just below your knee or about mid-calf. The style and cut of this skirt make your waist appear slimmer and accentuate your natural curves. This is a street-style staple that works for work, summer weddings, concerts, festivals, dinner and parties.

A white ruffled skirt designed by Zaheer Abbas for Showcase.

You can pair a brightly-coloured midi skirt with a basic scoop tee and tennis shoes or neutral-coloured sandals for a look that’s as comfortable as it is cute. If you are dressing up for something formal, you could try a plain dark-coloured satin skirt and pair it with a neutral-coloured blouse. It is classy, yet minimum effort.

Find inspo from FnkAsia’s boho chic ensemble with statement accessories.

Pleated glory

Pleated skirts are popular and trendy. The cinched waist and elegant longer hemline look great on all body silhouettes. Depending on your mood and schedule, they can be dressed down with flats/sneakers and a biker jacket or a chunky belt; or can be dressed up with traditional heels and a slimline top. It’s the perfect blend of street style and feminine sophistication. For the summer, add movement with a pleated skirt and floral top. Bright and beautiful, you’ll blossom like the blooms on your shirt even at the end of summer. You can also switch it up if you have a floral skirt and pair with a solid-coloured shirt.

Rock a festive event with Rizwan Beyg’s embellisted pants in denim for Showcase.

The Maxi style

There’s so much to love about maxi skirts. They are a mix of ease and glamour; they’re modest but flowy so you can stay cool. A summer staple in every woman’s closet should be a flowy maxi skirt made of breathable materials.

For a romantic boho-chic look, opt for something floral which is easily styled with a loose or a fitted tee. Throw in some chunky yet plain, bright-coloured jewellery with some wedges. For a casual outing, you can opt for a plain coloured skirt and pair it with a funky top. However, if you are really looking up your style game, work with contrasts. Try matching your top with your accessories – a purse, heels/shoes, jewellery – or vice versa. For instance, a bright yellow top to match yellow heels, paired with a black skirt and black necklace.

Chic and cute this turquoise Natasha Kamal skirt works for an evening event and for a casual outing too.

The fancy schmancy

Depending on the choice of fabric and the embellishments, you can dress up or dress down your outfit. Tulles, ruffles and net fabrics are chic and cute. It is a fantastic alternative to a traditional dress. It offers the same polished appearance but with a modern twist. A pastel or soft shade would complement this style very much, especially for a special evening event.

Look cool in an funky skirt paired with a plain tee by MAK Al-Karam for FPW.

If you are looking for an edgy look, an animal print skirt paired with some rocker accessories will do that trick. Pair it with some bold liner and a red lipstick, and you instantly turn into a rockstar! Moreover, if the weather allows, you can experiment with some denim, which is bouncing back in style again.

Finally, since skin-baring silhouettes and styles are a hit on the runways, sheer skirts are a cute, dreamy and a romantic choice. Paired with a turtle neck and strappy sandals, this is a statement piece.