Glammed up & gorgeous

By Asif Khan
Tue, 05, 21

This week You! talks to the gorgeous model to find out about her beauty secrets and her likes and dislikes…


Agirl next door yet with a style so suave, Ayuna Sheikh is an upcoming model who’s slowly carving her niche in the fashion industry. Ayuna kicked off her career as an Assistant Director courtesy of a family friend who was in productions. Soon, photographer Abdul Qayum spotted the pretty girl and decided to bring her on-screen as a model. After a series of shoots with him, Ayuna got in touch with fashion coordinator Abid Baig, who introduced her to ace photographer Khawar Riaz.

Riaz found her to be a rare combination of talent, beauty and style. He gave her an iconic look and boosted her career as a model. She started off with her first shoot with NikkieNina and Khawar Riaz which then opened doors for more opportunities to work with esteemed labels. She has now done shoots for an array of designers and brands like Zara Ahmed, Faiza Ahmed, Erum Khan, Honey Waqar, Tesoro, Noor Jahan, Amna Ajmal, Fatima Asher, Ahmed Bilal, IVY Couture, Trousseau to name a few. This week You! talks to the gorgeous model to find out about her beauty secrets and her likes and dislikes…

Beauty talk

What are your go-to makeup essentials?

Eyebrow pencil, mascara, blusher, lipstick and I am good to go.

Do you use sun blocks or any serums when you go to shoots?

Vitamin C serum.

Do you prefer natural makeup or zero makeup?

I step out with little makeup.

A brand that you particularly like?

Huda Beauty.

What is your favourite perfume?

Gucci Bloom.

Your favourite brand in lipsticks?

Huda Beauty.

Do you use lighter tones in foundations or warm tones?

Lighter tones and for those I prefer to use Masarrat Misbah’s products.

What is your cleansing routine after you come back from shoots?

I use Pond’s cleanser to remove my makeup along with Garnier facewash and Nivea lotion.

Hair gets damaged after straightening and blow drying. How do you manage?

Excessive use of straighteners or ironing damages hair so I go for natural ways of hair treatment like egg and aloe vera.

What is the secret to keep hair healthy?

I use mustard oil but I won’t recommend applying it the whole day. It’s better that you massage your hair and let it sit in for 2 to 3 hours before hair wash. And secondly, don’t let your wet hair remain tied up for long.

One thing you can’t give up that keeps you healthy and fit?

Working out and running.

Advice for women who can’t buy expensive brands but still want to look good:

Brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal are equally good in terms of quality and are not heavy on the pocket either.

Summers are around the corner, any tips for girls stepping out in the season?

For girls who go out, they should be taking extra care of their skin by using a sunblock, serums and moisturise and to keep the skin acne free. They must also keep themselves hydrated and have good intake of meals with natural food.

As a model/actor

Your claim to fame project…

My first play ‘Abba’ where I worked as an Assistant Director.

Was coming towards acting a tough decision?

It didn’t prove a hard nut to crack as some family friends were already in the media.

What do you miss the most that you had before becoming an actor?

Not being able to spare enough time for family and friends.

What does the drama industry needs now?

Fresh faces and new talent.

What are you conscious about in your work?

Good content and good team.

What is the formula to stay in the industry?

Remain updated, socialising, get-togethers and flattering, which I don’t do.

Do you have friends in the industry?

Areej, Susan Fatima and Sheraz Sikandar.

People from industry say that you are outspoken. Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree.

Annoying habits that actors have…

Senior actors are assets for juniors and most of them are very supportive, but some seniors just leave after their work.

An over-rated actor…

Alizeh Shah.

Rapid fire

What’s your biggest asset?

My family, friends and career.

What is your support system?

My mother’s prayers.

Things you are highly possessive about…

My freedom.

Your worst nightmare…

Losing my loved ones.

What scares you the most?

Heights and water scares me.

You get turned on by?

By intelligence and intellects.

You like men who are…


You would like to dine out with…

Being a huge fan of him, I would opt for Tom Cruise.

Something you dislike about yourself…

I’m short-tempered.

Things you like about yourself…

I reach out to people to help them in every possible way.

You wish you could…

Prove myself as the best support for my family and do right by them.

When feeling low you prefer…

To be with my friends and making Tiktoks.

You get immensely bored when…

Redundant delays happen and when I have to wait for long at the shoots.

You still remember:

My first shoot and meeting with photographer Khawar Riaz, and his support in my career building.

Biggest misconception about you…

That I am a serious person by nature or that I’m angry or something, but it’s certainly not like that at all.

If you get a second chance to relive your life, what would you want to be?

A pilot, so that I may travel around the world to discover and experience a new expedition every time.

A message for newcomers in the media…

The field of media is as esteemed as any other profession; and sometimes even more challenging and tough. So those who want to be a part of it, they should come fully prepared to be able to work hard.

Photography by: Khawar Riaz