A cuppa for any time…

By A. Jafri
Tue, 04, 21

After the successful launch of their café in a year ago, Chai O’ Clock opened its doors in Islamabad at F11 Markaz....

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Whether you are seated in your lawn chairs at your home garden or with friends at a dhaaba, having chai with your family and friends is a bonding experience like no other. Of teapots and tea cups, of conversations and dialogues leaves an indelible impression on us and we carry it joyfully in our hearts.

After the successful launch of their café in a year ago, Chai O’ Clock opened its doors in Islamabad at F11 Markaz. The launch event was hosted by Nattie, and in attendance were celebrity guests like Zara Noor Abbass, Nadia Hussain; and models Sunny, Jiya and Iram posing for cameras. The event was organised by Rezz Aly Shah.

The inspiration behind the café came from three friends, Dr Imran Uppal, Dr Taha Uppal and Rayan Safdar, on a chilly Saturday evening when they were travelling back from Lahore to Islamabad. Exhausted, they craved a cup of tea. Their desire to sip perfect karak chai led them to a dhaaba at GT Road. This dhaaba with beautiful truck art, soothing folk music, rusted crockery, and a cosy chaarpai caught their attention. “What a beautiful sight it was,” recalled Dr Taha.

While they enjoyed tea and spicy pakoras with spicy mint chutney, they started remembering good old days that their parents spoke about. They reminisced how times changed and how people used to sit together after Maghrib at dhaabas round the corner. There would be times when they would watch matches and cheer for Pakistan whilst sipping tea with friends. This very thought led to the birth of brand Chai O’ Clock.

Reliving good memories, these friends have made an effort to bring good old days in your life. This café is where you can come and enjoy with families, forget all your worries, laugh over a cup of tea, shed a few fun tears over spicy Patakha Chicken, get carried away with special and succulent Balai Paratha or get stuffed with Mighty Undertaker Burger. But, most of all, have some fun and bond over a cup of chai.

– A. Jafri