Reflections from isolation

By A. Jafri
Tue, 03, 21

There’s no greater gift than a beautiful coffee table book. They’re inspirational and beautiful. This week You! takes a look at a coffee table book - ‘#StayHomeStaySafe’, by Kiran Aman…


When the lockdown was implemented initially, billions of people were unable to visit one another, unable go to work, unable to attend school, unable to meet one another in public places. And, people around the world are still in desperate straits, struggling at home, in care homes and intensive care units, dying of the same cause, separated from their loved ones in their hours of need.

At times of existential danger, we instinctively desire to be close to our family and friends, hold their hands and embrace them.

While things are slowly resuming to as they were, every act of physical contact, every expression of physical loving-kindness and compassion is a little cautious in fear of bringing an illness to your loved ones.

We are in the midst of adjusting into a new world and all of our struggles are worth documenting to get through all the trials and tribulations.

There’s no greater gift than a beautiful coffee table book. They’re meaningful, inspirational, and best of all: beautiful! On a superficial level, they add ambiance, whether you place them in a library or on a coffee table. But the best ones live in your home forever while expanding your horizons far beyond.

Recently, three-time Gourmand Award winner publishing house, Markings Publishing, helmed by Kiran Aman, has proudly launched the first coffee table book, ‘#StayHomeStaySafe’ from its COVID-19 global outreach project, ‘Our Markings 2020’.

Celebrating 10 years in 2020, Kiran Aman launched the project in March 2020 as a live case photographic journey through COVID-19, a testimony to life during self and social isolation.

Receiving thousands of entries from over 66 COVID-19 affected countries, the team shortlisted 900 of the most powerful photographs which are being featured across the three-book series titled, #StayHomeStaySafe #StayHomeStayStrong and #StayHomeSaveLives.

“2020 has proven an era unto itself. The project is dedicated to everyone across the globe, fighting to stay resilient during what we have come to accept as ‘the new normal.’ These books represent this unprecedented journey of mankind,” said Kiran Aman.

The first coffee table book from the series comprises 300 global submissions from Pakistan, as well as USA, Albania, The Netherlands, India, Japan, UK, Iran, Greece among others. The project also received photo entries and support from local celebrities – Mahira Khan, Faisal Kapadia, Mehreen Jabbar, Anoushey Ashraf, Arif Mahmood, Selina Rashid Khan, Asad-ul-Haq and Amean J.

All the submissions have been featured across Markings’ social media assets, crediting the respective photographer(s).

–– A. Jafri