By Gul Nasreen
Tue, 09, 20

This week in a candid interview, Karachi-based florist Taniya Faheem Rogatia talks about her passion and work...

flower decor

Taniya Fahim Rogatia has been working as a florist since 23 years. She has always been fascinated by nature. The beauty of flowers and exotic foliage always charmed her, hence becoming a florist was a natural progression for her. She has done a couple of professional Ikebana courses from Japanese Consulate, Karachi.

She runs her online venture by the name of Blooming Lane. “We specialise in flowers and their decoration. A simple one-liner for Blooming Lane would be to enhancing the beauty of flowers and decor,” says Taniya. This week in a candid interview with You!, Taniya talks about her passion and work...

You! Give us four reasons why one should have flowers at home?

Taniya Fahim Rogatia: Well, I believe flowers enhance the beauty of anything that is surrounded by them. One must have a beautiful flower arrangement in their homes. The four reasons why one should have flowers at home would be:

1-They can boost your mood instantly.

2-Flowers can increase happiness and decrease feeling of stress and anxiety.

3-They are colourful and peaceful and of course beautiful.

4- They have the ability to calm you down.

You! What do you love most about being a florist?

TFR: What I love the most about being a florist is that it always challenges me to come up with different ideas because there is not much that you can do with simple flowers. But I always make sure that all my arrangements look different and stand out.

You! How would you describe your signature style?

TFR: I love nature, everything about it fascinates me specially the lush greenery. That's where I get my inspirations from. If you see my flower arrangements, you will notice a touch of greenery or garden effect, this is how I developed my signature style.

You! Tell us about your expertise? Do you only do houses or parties/weddings too?

TFR: My speciality, if I say, is to create beautiful pieces out of things we think are not useful or is a waste. I can make anything look beautiful with simple techniques and ideas and yes I do it for weddings and parties as well.

You! What are the current trends in international market with regards to flower arrangements?

TFR: Well, there are many but the most popular trends these days is how to make flower arrangements with wreaths, hangings, farshis or anything related to nature.

You! Which local/international florists do you admire?

TFR: Zerritta Flowers and Centra Flora.

You! What materials do you use in flower compositions?

TFR: I use artificial and fresh both, but mostly artificial.

You! How long does it take you to make one flower arrangement?

TFR: Depends on what base I am using or the complexity of the arrangement. Sometimes it takes me just 15 minutes and sometimes 4 to 5 hours.

You! How you do start an arrangement, do you draw it out first or just start going at it?

TFR: No, I never have to draw or brainstorm before starting any arrangement. I get ideas instantly as soon as I begin my work.

You! What's your favourite flower?

TFR: I love Bird of Paradise.

You! To date, what has been your career highlight?

TFR: I won first prize in Ikebana from Japanese Consulate for my work in 2003. It is interesting to note that you don't need to use a lot of flowers in Ikebana. One can make beautiful things out of just 3 to 4 flowers.

You! How many flower exhibitions have you done so far? Have you shown internationally too?

TFR: I did a lot of exhibitions in the initial years of my business but then I didn't feel the need to. Recently, I took Rotary Club membership and I was about to do it on International level but because of the pandemic that could not happen.

You! Tell us how is your house decorated. Do you always have fresh flowers at home?

TFR: I have made some really beautiful arrangements according to my preferences. I've used both fresh and artificial flowers.

You! Any tip you would like to share with our readers when it comes to furnishing your home with flowers?

TFR: Creativity is the key when it comes to furnishing your home with flowers. Don't feel restrained and decor your home with flowers as it pleases you.

You! Do you think there is a scope for florists in Pakistan?

TFR: If your work is good and unique and if you are creative enough then yes, there is scope and good money in this field.

You! What is the biggest challenge facing the floral industry?

TFR: There are no challenges as such but yeah currently there have been a few. Because of this whole lockdown situation there was a shortage of flowers, all the shipments were delayed and so my work got delayed too. But other than that nothing really.

You! How do you unwind?

TFR: When I get home after a hectic day (meeting clients and attending events), I spend time with my daughter and that relaxes me a lot. That is the most peaceful time for me. I don't answer any calls, or do house chores, nothing at all because that time is purely for me and my daughter. And that's what calms me down after a busy day.

You! What is your ultimate desire?

TFR: My ultimate desire is to make a known name in the florist industry. I want people to recognise me by my work.