By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 08, 20

This week You! talks to Karachi-based hair and beauty expert, Beenish Parvez, to ask the biggest beauty questions of the season…

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There are chances that your beauty routine is going through some changes. Self-isolation has thrown every appointment with a hair stylist, beauty expert and dermatologist into disarray. But what do you do when you’re stuck at home with a pressing beauty or hair question? Should I be wearing sunscreen? Are those long warm showers drying out my scalp? How can I make use of my foundations when I am not going out? That's where the experts come in…

You! How can I protect my makeup under my cloth face mask?

Beenish Parvez: Try to use a good setting spray after you do your makeup. It forms a layer and protects your makeup from washing off. Also, to protect your makeup under a face mask, you should apply water proof foundation as it is not easily removed by either sweating or a cloth mask.

You! When I use sunscreen, I always miss a spot and burn. How can I make sure it covers all over?

BP: The best way to use a sunscreen is; take 2 to 3 drops of it and warm it after rubbing between your hands. Apply it over your face with equal amount covering all areas in a circular motion just like the way you apply any cream or when you wash your face. Also, make sure that before you apply a sunscreen, your face is washed and towel dried properly as sunscreen doesn’t reach to areas where there is moisture.

You! Between working from home and the hot weather, I haven’t touched my foundation. What can I do with it before it expires?

BP: Foundations are water-based formula and bacteria loves it. So after the expiry, I won’t suggest anybody to use it. Usually when you open the seal of your foundation, you are supposed to use it in 6 to 8 months. If not, you can open it within the time of 2 years and use it within 6 to 8 months. If you are working from home, you don’t need to use heavy foundations for Zoom meetings or video conferencing. What you can do is mix a little bit moisturiser and your foundation to reduce the consistency and use it as a BB Cream. Also, you can add 2 drops of moisturiser and 2 drops of sunscreen to form a tinted, light weight foundation to use before its expiry.

You! What is the easiest way to do a dramatic smokey eye for a holiday party?

BP: Take an oil-based black pencil as it nicely smudges over your sockets. The trick is to put a thick line and smudge it with a cut brush. After that, dip into a matte brown shade and blend it on your eye socket with a fluffy blending brush. This is the best and quickest way to do a smokey eye for your holiday party.

You! How can I make my air-dried hair look polished?

BP: To achieve that, make sure to condition your hair properly and rinse it with normal cold water so that your hair doesn’t become frizzy in the hot humid weather. Usually, people use hot water during shower which opens the pores of the scalp and unlocks moisture, making your hair look dull and frizzy. Apart from that, use a nice anti-frizz serum after combing your hair with a wide comb after coming out of the shower.

After that, take a paddle brush and cold dry your hair. It will take a little longer but your hair will be nice and smooth till the next shower. However, you can finish the look with hot dry and light strokes of your paddle brush.

You! How to get the perfect summer glow using a few makeup products?

BP: Use a primer and a good tinted BB Cream. Then apply translucent powder and use a lip tint for your cheeks and lips. Also, use a light mascara and eye brow pencil (if needed) to get a perfect summer glam. This is the best soft everyday makeup!

You! Scalp scrubs and masks are everywhere. Do they really work?

BP: Yes, definitely. Just like your facial skin, your scalp also needs exfoliation and soothing to avoid clogged follicles, dull hair, itchy scalp and flaky skin. It also helps in the hair growth. However, it depends on what your hair requires the most.

You! Can you suggest a product to achieve a smooth, less bumpy face?

BP: There is not a single solution for a smooth skin. You need to a follow a proper skin care routine which can include use of coconut oil, use of face towels (soft fabrics), facewash, scrubs and face serums which suit your skin type. Apart from that, if you think you have deep bumps, go to a good dermatologist; maybe you have to undergo chemical peel if need be. Also, make use of vitamin C as much as you can.

You! Is there an updo people with round face can actually create on themselves?

BP: Round faces look nice in a sleek ponytail and loose low buns with tendrils around the face. It makes the face look less chubby. Also, you can do a little back combing to elongate your face. Avoid back combing in the sides though.

You! How can one prevent their makeup from melting off in the heat?

BP: For that you can use a small fridge which is also called as beauty fridge to avoid melting off your makeup. You can also keep your face creams and serums in that.

You! Can you suggest a makeup product that cover one’s under-eye circles?

BP: The best thing to do is to use concealers or colour correctors under your eyes. Mostly people use bright tones to cover their circles; they should rather use tanned and orange-y shades for that purpose. It is about picking up the right shade for your under-eye area.

You! Is there a heat protectant that wouldn’t weigh down one’s hair?

BP: I use CHI’s Iron Guard which is very helpful in protecting the hair and it doesn’t weigh down the hair too. Else, you can keep checking for different heat protectors which are good for your hair.