My beautiful mom

By M. Shirazi
Tue, 05, 20

This Mother’s Day pamper your mom with some at-home beauty treatments that she will definitely love...


Everything I am, is because of you mom. At every turn you push me to be better. You teach me to be true to myself and the ones I love.” – Beyoncé Knowles

Doesn’t this resonate with all of us? It is certainly true; everything we are, we owe it to our mothers. She is the one who takes care of us and encourages us to chase our dreams. More often than not, they become so engrossed in concentrating on their homes, children and careers that they tend to forget about their selves. With so little time on their hands they hardly get the chance of heading out to a salon for their beauty treatments. And now due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown of entire cities all around the globe almost everyone is spending more time at home. Mother’s Day is here. If you were planning to gift her a salon or spa voucher, well that is out of the question during this testing time. However, that in no way means that you can’t pamper your guardian angels at home on this special day.

This Mother’s Day You! shares some simple at-home beauty treatments that will make every mom look fab in no time. After all she deserves to feel good about herself. Read on to find out more...

It’s DIY facial time

Facial is the best way to keep one’s skin rejuvenated; it can truly benefit the skin, as it helps cleanse pores, exfoliate away dead skin cells, and treat common skin concerns. Of course, there are many facial options available at salons, but with practically no access to a beauty parlour here is how you can give your mom a refreshing facial. Remove all the makeup before starting the simple, four-step routine. Start by exfoliating the skin; add a small amount of milk or water to a tablespoon of baking soda to make a paste. Massage it all over your mum’s face, using your fingers for a couple of minutes. Make sure to massage in a circular motion. The next step is steam – simply wet a washcloth with hot water, wring out excess water, and apply to the face and repeat one or two times. Apply a soothing facial mask and wash it with cold water once it’s dry. Then it is time to moisturise. If your mom uses a particular moisturiser then use that if not the best option is to take a small amount of coconut oil and gently massage it all over your mother’s face and neck.

Manis for mum

Turn your home into a mini spa and give your mom a manicure. Start by using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to remove any leftover polish from the nail. Once that is done, clip and file nails. Make sure to file in one direction to reduce any breakage. Then take a bowl of warm water, mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil, and ask her to soak her hands for five minutes. Once the cuticle has been softened, gently push it back along the nail. Do not trim. Moisturise the cuticle by mixing a hand cream with one or two drops of coconut oil to hydrate. Once the cuticles are moisturised and pushed back, apply the nail colour of your mum’s choice.

Pampering pedis

For at-home pedis, buy a good scrub, buffer, filer, scraper and soothing cream. Avoid using cutters and blade. In warm water add a little shampoo and soak your mum’s feet in it for a while. Then just like the manicure, file her nails and after that use the scraper to remove hard skin of her heels. Apply the scrub generously and massage your mom’s feet well. Apply a soothing cream and your pedis is done.

Let’s makeup

Because everyone is literally home these days, just add some colour to your mom’s face by a little make up. BB cream is a great option to start with, however, if she has clear skin just apply face powder. A little concealer goes a long way. Use it under the eyes to brighten the face. Remember to use an eyebrow pencil or brow powder to define her eyebrows. Then apply a winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. For blush-ons, opt for a pink or peach blush and blend it from the centre moving back to the cheekbones. Finish off the look with a nude lip colour.

Hair affair

No look is complete without the perfect hairstyle. But if your mom has some greys, here is how you can cover it easily. Lightly brush a mascara wand through her hair to temporarily tint them. You can also use a dark brown or black eyeshadow. With the help of a dense eyeshadow brush or powder puff, conceal greys by applying eyeshadow along the hairline. Now that you have covered all the roots, tie your mom’s hair in a high pony or you can make a braid and tie it up in a bun. These styles look very chic and are perfect for summers.