Beautiful signatures

By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 03, 20

This week You! talks to Lahore-based beautician Ismah Malik regarding some of the hottest trends in hair and makeup this season....


Makeup plays a very important role in physical appearance; this is why it is important to choose your makeup carefully. 2020 seems to be one of the most interesting years when it comes to makeup as a variety of different styles have been set as trends. The new trends are meant to enhance the natural beauty with cool as well as warm toned makeup. When you’re bored with your wardrobe; reinventing your hair, a new makeup trend can add life to your look. Get experimental and try rocking some of the beauty and make-up trends for spring 2020 - but word of warning - be ready to step outside your comfort zone.

Ismah Malik has been in the beauty business for about 13 years. Her career began after doing courses abroad and then moving back to Pakistan where she opened her first branch in Lahore in 2010. “I felt a need in the market for high-quality services and luxury surroundings but at reasonable rates. As a client, I wanted to get a great experience without paying a fortune,” says Ismah while explaining what made her compel to open her own chain of beauty salons. This week You! talks to Ismah Malik, CEO of Trimmers salons, regarding some of the hottest trends in hair and makeup this season...

You! What’s the latest in makeup this season?

Ismah Malik: This season there is much emphasis on glowing skin. I love glowing, glass skin, which you can achieve by a mixture of moisturisers, cream highlighters, and oils to beam your face up. It looks great on our skin tones.

You! What makeup trends are totally over?

IM: Matte and heavy foundations that make your face look so dry.

You! What kind of hairstyles are in this season?

IM: My favourite is the long lob; it looks good with different lengths, which makes it perfect for all face shapes and hair types. It even looks good when it grows out, so it’s perfect for busy women.

You! The must-have beauty products for this season, the product every girl and every woman should always bring in her purse is...

IM: Primer for anyone who wants to avoid flaky looking skin. But the list can go on...

You! Do you emphasis on using foundation in cold weather? If so why?

IM: Hydrating foundations can work well during dry months. Skip the powder and blend with a sponge for the perfect finish.

You! What are your three favorite makeup products? Your favourite brands in cosmetics?

IM: My lip gloss, my foundation and my bronzer. Favourite brands include Chanel and Maybelline.

You! Are women in Pakistan becoming more experimental when it comes to makeup?

IM: Definitely. The internet is a great way to learn about new trends and products.

You! What are some of the most common mistakes women tend to make while choosing makeup?

IM: You should know your skin type before selecting a product. Applying makeup on dry skin is an absolute no! Wrong shade of foundation is another common mistake as women in our region want to look fair.

You! What three make-up items should no woman leave home without?

IM: Lip balm or gloss, concealer and pressed powder.

You! What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

IM: Wrong shade of foundation and not using the right technique for contouring.

You! How one can keep one’s skin in good condition?

IM: Keep it hydrated. Drink a lot of water.

You! What are the biggest challenges make-up artists face?

IM: Convincing clients. Women nowadays think they know it all, so when you want to try a look that’s best for them, they may not agree.

You! How do you wish to make a change in the beauty scene in Karachi/Lahore?

IM: I want to provide a platform for young artists to flourish and learn. We should be a recognised industry with seniors donating time and money to help out young and aspiring beauticians.

You! What are some of the colours a woman of regular Eastern skin tone should never try?

IM: There’s no such colour. Any colour that makes your skin look brighter (not fairer), is a good option. So try everything before buying.

You! What is the most important aspect of your job and what do you love most about your job?

IM: The constant challenges of staying relevant, meeting people from all walks of life, and the thrill of expansion.

You! Do you think social media and Insta are good tools to popularize your work, especially for upcoming beauticians?

IM: Yes, they’re an easy, accessible way of reaching to audience.

You! What are you currently working on or preoccupied with?

IM: Opening two more new branches in this year IA. We are currently finalising the locations.

You! What is the most important advice you can give to women?

IM: Be confident in yourself! You are beautiful no matter what.

You! What are your future endeavours or plans?

IM: I want to have a branch in every major city in Pakistan. Plus, I want to start a state-of -the- art training institute where free training will be provided to young and deserving beauticians.