Spreading peace through art & fashion

By A. Jafri
Tue, 10, 19

Recently, ‘Lifestyle Geneva’ returned with its third season and commemorated the International Peace Day...

Maheen Khan’s capsule collection


Art, be it in any form, is a way of reimagining the future, building bridges and foster understanding to develop empathy, make friends and to express feelings. It is one of the reasons why an exchange of culture through art, fashion and cuisine is so vital to promote peace between countries.

When it comes to Pakistani fashion, there is only one word that can truly sum it up: diverse. Whether it is formals, trendy pret wear or the traditional bridals, we find a range of variety that one won’t find anywhere but here. In recent years, Pakistani designers have really proven their mettle by bringing such unique and exceptional designs to the front, spoiling us for choice. They dabble in different crafts and learn new techniques to add value in their collections, which is why there is never a dull moment in our fashion industry.

Recently, ‘Lifestyle Geneva’ returned with its third season and commemorated the International Peace Day. Through fashion and art, the show brought together distinguished audience including ambassadors from 36 countries and a multi-cultural audience of to celebrate the message of peace.

‘Lifestyle Geneva’ was a proud moment for Pakistani fashion forming part of the International Peace Day conference hosted by Robert F. Blum, President and Founder of Cercle Diplomatique Genve. Riwayat worked in partnership with the Swiss Pakistan Society to host a fashion show and a series of cultural art performances with international artists with more than 500 people in attendance.

Moazzam Abassi’s collection

On the ramp Pakistan’s top designers including Maheen Khan, Aisha Imran, Moazzam Abassi and Hamna Amir showcased their latest collections along with celebrity Javeria Saud with her new season collection Jannat Javeria., Head Stylist Saima Kiran managed hair and makeup of 20 London-based models who travelled especially to participate in the show and Shahid Malik was responsible for photography.

Adnan Ansari, founder and Creative Director for Riwayat said, “Year after year, Geneva Lifestyle is drawing together an international audience, creating unity and appreciation through fashion and art. We are proud and honoured to have been able to bring together so many nationalities to share our interpretation of peace as part of International Peace Day.”

— A. Jafri