The ‘way forward’

By you desk
Tue, 05, 19

Entrepreneurship fuels economic growth with new and young businesses accounting for many new job prospects......

Shaiyanne Malik with the panellists of the seminar.


Entrepreneurship fuels economic growth with new and young businesses accounting for many new job prospects. Increasing the number of entrepreneurs and creating conditions for them to succeed has the potential to improve economic opportunities for everyone. Moreover, the influx of women into this field has brought in significant growth and worker productivity; hence, they are a vital human resource for any developing economy. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, we often neglect this faction of our society. According to the World Bank’s economic report 2017, Pakistan has the world’s lowest rate of women’s entrepreneurship with one percent of female entrepreneurs compared to 21 per cent of male.

The Standing Committee of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Women Entrepreneurs recently organised a seminar to initiate a new programme called ‘Women Entrepreneurship the Way Forward’. It is a sustainable programme which enables women entrepreneurs with skills and knowledge of business, finance and banking. This programme will allow them to learn and grow personally and economically.

Convener of the Standing Committee and the President of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) South, Shaiyanne Malik, informed, “This programme is about empowering our rural and urban women with skill sets and knowledge of business and finance. This will enable them to become an income generating member of their families with knowledge of finance.”

“In Pakistan, there are many reasons why women are the most neglected segment of the workforce. They are lagging not just in education, but also technical skills and professionalism compared their male counterparts in the society. This initiative is more focused towards specific programmes for women entrepreneurship development,” said Ms. Hina Mansab Khan, the Founding President of Attock Chamber, Karachi Chamber East and Rawalpindi Chamber and Chief Executive Karachi Chamber South.

Keeping in mind the economic situation of Pakistan, we should have a united and a firm stance on giving women equal opportunities in the workforce. FPCCI’s Standing Committee for Women Entrepreneurs will carry this initiative across Pakistan and reach out to women from all provinces; and empower them to become business owners. With necessary finance and banking knowledge, these women will progress not only economically but also personally.

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