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By G.N
Tue, 02, 19

This week You! talks to Karachi-based aesthetician Shakila Rizvi about skincare and facials...


This week You! talks to Karachi-based aesthetician Shakila Rizvi about skincare and facials...

Shakila Rizvi is an experienced aesthetician qualified from Montreal, Canada. Shakila owns and operates Shakila’s Skin Care Studio in Karachi since 2003. She specialises in personalised skincare facials, using professional techniques and natural ingredient products, with an emphasis on educating clients on personal skin type facial maintenance and home care products. In addition to personalised skincare, Shakila conducts training workshops, manufactures hand-made organic skin, hair and body products using authentic Pakistani ingredients. In an exclusive interview with You! Shakila talks about her work and importance of skincare...

You! What inspired you to get into skincare?

Shakila Rizvi: My mom Amina Dossa. She was a beautician and trained in Elizabeth Arden London. She opened her Salon in 1962 in Karachi. At that time, she had clients like Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Mrs Waheed Murad , Begum Liaqat Ali Khan, Begum Of Junagadh, Pakistani film stars and socialites of Karachi. So, it was a natural inclination for me to get into beauty business, however, my expertise is in facials. I got my professional training from El-Shadai Institute de Montreal as well as got training in skincare products in world renowned Laboratory of Dr Renaud in Montreal & headquarters in Paris.

You! What do you love most about your job?

SR: I love making my clients’ skin look beautiful and radiant.

You! What kind of facials you offer to your clients?

SR: There are different types of facials for different skin types. I offer a wide range of facials starting from normal facials to dehydrated and ultra sensitive facials. I have facials for women with oily and acne prone skin. I have facials for mature skin too. And I offer skin lifting facials and 24 KT gold facials for an instant glow.

You! What’s so special about your facials?

SR: My facials have no chemicals. They are bleach free. They are made from sea minerals and fruits like raspberries, lime, pomegranate etc. They have natural ingredients like lavender and herbs like mint and aloe vera.

You! Why one must go for facial? Do you think going to a professional is better or one can do it at home?

SR: Facials help rejuvenating different types of skin in different ways. It’s always good to go to a professional for your facials as it’s about your skin. Well, you can maintain skin care regimen at home like cleansing at night before going to bed.

You! At what age one should start going for facials?

SR: Actually it depends on your skin type. Girls who have problematic skin should go for facials from an early age.

It’s always better to tackle the skin issues rather than prolong it. I have clients who started skin care as young as 12 years!

You! What are the benefits of gold facial?

SR: For a glowing radiant skin, gold facial is the best. Throughout history, dating back to Cleopatra, pure gold was used as a tool to maintain youthful skin. It is expensive as it is made of 100% natural 24 karat gold with Japanese technology. It prevents skin from sagging and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You! Tell us about your home-made skincare products?

SR: I encourage my clients to use skincare products that have natural ingredients. My ‘Purity Skin Care Line’, which I launched in 2017 is actually made on the formula of Elizabeth Arden London, where my mom in 1962 did her Cosmetology diploma. She gave her secret recipe to me. My home-made skincare line contains vitamin C cleanser, Vitamin C toner, Lavander Calming Mist etc.

You! What are your thoughts on using foundation?

SR: Yes, you can use it but use an aqua-based foundation as it doesn’t block your pores.

You! What are your three favourite skincare products?

SR: My three most essential products are makeup remover, cleanser and toner.

You! Are women in Pakistan becoming more aware when it comes to skincare?

SR: Yes definitely, since I started in 2003 I have seen a great change with social media being a great influence especially with the age group of 20-35 year-old females who are more keen to have a radiant skin.

You! What are some of the most common mistakes women tend to make as far as skincare is concerned?

SR: It is very important to keep your skin hydrated and women usually don’t pay attention to drinking plenty of water to keep their skin supple. Secondly, they generally don’t clean their face before going to bed. It is crucial to remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser every night to have a smooth skin.

You! What is one skin care product should no woman leave home without?

SR: Cleansing wipes to remove dirt pollution and excessive oil secretion when you are out.

You! What do you suggest to women who are over 40?

SR: For mature skin, prior to purchasing skincare products, a skin analysis is very essential. Skin mapping is to determine skin condition and what type of product is required. There are several types of skin and mainly women tend to pick up products which are either not suitable for their skin type or don’t know how and when to use it.

You! What is the one ingredient women of every age should be using?

SR: To use oil free products to avoid blockage in pores for all types of skin.

You! Any skincare tip for young girls?

SR: Young girls should do cleansing/toning three times a day. No exfoliation and no scrubs. As using wrong scrubs on skin and exfoliating can give uneven skin tone, it also spreads acne and removes excess skin layer.

You! What is the worst skincare mistake one can make?

SR: Skin whitening injections. Please stay away from them.

You! How important is sleep in giving you a healthy skin?

SR: Sleep is very important to relax the system and slows down the hyper active melanin and oil secretion.

You! What are your future endeavours?

SR: My future plan is to teach skincare techniques to matric-pass girls, who have a passion for skincare and to mentor salons in lower middle areas that need assistance. I would like salons owners to send their girls for better techniques and understanding of skin to my programmes.

You! Is this profession money-driven?

SR: It is. But I am passionate about my work. If you are only interested in money then it becomes a mechanical work. I enjoy what I do.

You! What’s your take on fairness creams in the market? Do you think they are of any good in the real sense?

SR: Fairness creams, whitening injections, etc is a big NO. Stay away from them at all costs.

In the end, I would say your diet, your daily skin care regime and having regular facials are the key elements in maintaining a healthy radiant skin.