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By you desk
Tue, 01, 19

Nothing brings people together like festivals and when there is food involved.....


Nothing brings people together like festivals and when there is food involved, it makes it even better. Karachi Eat Food Festival is just round the corner and we are already excited to taste the numerous delicacies that are awaiting us. Unlike the past years, the selection process this time was a detailed one given the overwhelming response they received from eateries. After a series of steps, the jury has finalised a diverse set of 90 eateries (out of 400 entries) that are all set to rule the 3-day event with their mouth-watering menus. Aside from their regular menu, they will serve a special entree for the attendees at Karachi Eat, which will be a major attraction at the event this year.

The event will feature a wide range of continental and desi cuisines comprising a variety of sweet and savoury items. The list includes biryani, burgers, doughnuts, cakes, snacks, smoothies, chullu kebab, khausuey and much more.

Not commonly available everywhere, Khausuey is a rare dish that will be available at the upcoming festival. With a Burmese origin, the dish is popular among Memon families. If you are a khausuey lover, then SpicOgetti - a home-based eatery that delivers yummilicious Khausuey across Karachi - should be your go-to option at the event. Now in its fourth year, having made their mark with excellent food and service, they are all set to debut at Karachi Eat this year. They will be serving Khausuey and Singaporean rice that are a part of their regular menu, while they will be introducing ‘Malpura Madness’ as their special entree for the event.

Mark your calendars now so that you don’t miss out on the biggest eat festival of the year that is soon to hit your city. It is scheduled to take place during the coming weekend, from January 11 till 13, at The Beach Park, Clifton.

–You! team