Prep up for Eid!

By Maria Shirazi
Tue, 06, 18

This week, You! shares some simple tips on how you can revamp your house decor this Eid...

home decor

This week, You! shares some simple tips on how you can revamp your house decor this Eid...

Eid is almost here and many of us like to spruce up our place and give it an updated look for this festive occasion. Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. To liven up your place, all you have to do is move around the furniture; put up a painting or add a few accessories here and there. But remember, great design is in the details, so follow these simple tips to deck up your home this Eid. Read on...

Colour colour on the walls

Changing the colour of your walls can instantly brighten up your place. Your house must be a replica of your creative side so go for hues that you like the most. You can go for shades like white, off white or ash grey to make your place appear spacious. You can also opt for trendy jewel tones like rusty terracotta and murky greens in a particular room, especially your drawing/dining, where you will be entertaining your guests.

Bring nature inside

Nothing beats plants or fresh flowers placed all around the house. You can add greenery to your abode by placing potted plants near your entrance or other nook and crannies. If you are a flower person, then arrange beautiful roses in crystal vases and place them on the dining table or on the side tables of your drawing room. The fragrance of roses will definitely give the whole place a very fresh feel. Also, you can get creative by displaying colourful blooms throughout your home.

Say it with mirrors

To maximize daylight and to visually increase square footage mirrors are the way to go. You can place a huge brass framed mirror in your hallway or arrange a group of mirrors together on a wall of a small room to make the room appear larger. You can even go for mirrored furniture like tables, dressing tables, dining tables that are quite a rage these days. With this addition your abode will definitely look elegant and unique.

Get some rugs

This Eid change the look of your room by adding some bright coloured rugs . A rug is easily movable, so you can rotate it every now and then. Rugs are available in all shapes and sizes so make sure that you select something that is in accordance with the size of your room. If you have a smaller room, then a round rug will be just perfect. Colourful rugs add instant vibrance to any room. Perfect for Eid decor!

Floral cushions

Let your upholstery do the talking this Eid. Experts say that floral prints in bold, contrasting colours are the ‘it’ thing this year. So, toss away your neutral pillows and make way for floral pillow covers in rich and deep hues. Make sure you have some neutrals and basics to balance out the bold floral. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, patterns, and materials. Adding bright and colourful cushions and throws onto otherwise monochrome or neutral coloured sofas, instantly changes the mood of the place, taking it from dull to vibrant in no time.

Curtain raiser

For curtains, stick to solid colours or if you are feeling daring, you can go for curtains with interesting motifs that can beautify your room. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting different materials you can choose fabric of the same colour and pattern for both the cushions and curtains.

Adding artwork

Art is one of the most common and most versatile home accessories. No matter what your taste or decorating scheme is, you can find a piece of art that fits your home best. For Eid, you can hang a calligraphic painting on your wall. Consider a metal wall-hung sculpture or a bold colourful painting, if your home has a modern decor, if it’s traditional; go for porcelain or ceramic sculpture or a classic landscape.

Setting up the table

Of course Eid is incomplete without yummy treats. And when you invite guests over, you have to make sure that the table setting is just perfect. Surely table setting is not an easy task and requires aesthetic sense, as it involves the unison of materials, colours and forms. It includes the design and styling of the centrepiece, linens, dishes, flatware, glassware and other decor for the table, thus creating the perfect ambiance for every occasion. Here are a few tips of setting a beautiful table...

  • Choose a colour story, which could be one colour, complementary colours or colours by the season.
  • Settings are like guest lists: Diversity is key. So, try patterned tablecloths and palm leaves as placemats.
  • Go all white. Remember, a collection of white platters is a must. Layer antique white place mats and tablecloth over the table and then pile up the white plates for a lush yet cohesive look.
  • You can even opt for an enchanted garden table setting. Branch candlesticks, plants and nature-inspired china, napkins and placemats not only bring a table to life but looks classy as well.

Different shapes in platters always create class and appeal.

  • A collection of napkin holders, or the best, creative and easiest way is to create your own original designs by creating your own with fresh or artificial flowers and ferns, ribbons, wire, shells or anything that matches your theme.
  • Napkins in basic colours, or if you have a special theme you can just buy material, cut the size needed and just hem the sides.
  • Make sure to opt for runners, tablecloths in basic colours or by the theme or season and occasion.