Shades of red

By Maria Shirazi
Tue, 05, 18

This week, You! takes a look at the swanky interior of an ice cream parlour, launched recently in Karachi...


This week, You! takes a look at the swanky interior of an ice cream parlour, launched recently in Karachi...

In the summer time, creamy and mouth-watering ice cream melting in your mouth is just heavenly. It is the perfect treat especially in the warmer months as a delicious scoop of your favourite ice cream can you cool you off. Even though, you can enjoy ice cream about anywhere, be it your home or even in the car, the fact remains that nothing beats the experience of enjoying delicious sundaes at an ice cream parlour that offer beautiful surroundings and great ambiance. They say, we eat with our eyes, and that totally stands true. One look and you can decide whether you want to go inside the parlour to enjoy an irresistibly delicious sundae or not. The fact is that beautiful decor can do wonders in the success of an eatery - it has the power to make or break a place. And this is exactly what the recently launched Swensen’s ice cream parlour is all about.

The outlet, located at Badar Commercial, Karachi, is the first ever franchise in Pakistan and Mr. Muhammad Imran Sheikh is the man behind bringing the brand to the country. The brand owes its origins to its founder Earl Swensen’s, who created the ultimate sundaes and succeeded to develop hundreds of different mouth-watering recipes to please the world.

Coming to interiors of the ice cream parlour! As soon as you enter the place, you are bound to get blown away with the bold yet tasteful use of red and grey along with subtle hues.

The interior of the place has been done by KRU Studio which is based in Thailand. According to Therdsiddhi Hoprasartsuk, International project manager at The Minor Food Group PCL, the studio has designed more than 100 Swensen’s branches worldwide. “KRU Studio has done a great job and they have made sure to harmonise the brand’s core features while acclimating to the local environment,” shares Hoprasartsuk.

Regarding the design concept Hoprasartsuk says, “The outlet has been designed in such a way where one can spend quality time in a comfortable environment. Over here you can be your casual self. A lot of effort has been made to create an unpretentious ambiance that will make everyone feel welcome.”

As far as the interior design is concerned, the shop is designed on contemporary lines with a touch of vintage elements, keeping in mind the brand’s history. A lot of red has been used while doing up the place as it is the main brand colour. “Red kind of dominates the entire space but in the form of decor items, furniture and accessories. In fact, splashes of bright colours, emphasising on the ice cream texture and flavour, have been incorporated in the design,” informs Hoprasartsuk.

For the flooring, the designers opted for simple grey tiles in order to enhance the vivid colours on the walls and furniture. Tables and chairs in contrasting hues of grey and red have been placed strategically allowing enough space to move around. Also, the traditional elements such as retro lamps and comfortable sofa seatings, give the place an energetic and welcoming feel.

However, the highlights of the place are the Tiffany shell lamps and Swensen’s history serigraph. In short, each and every detail has injected energy and vibrancy to the surroundings.

Any interior design is incomplete without proper lighting, it is an important element of any interior design and special emphasis has been given to it while doing up the place. “We wanted the place to have a joyful impact on the customers. So, we went with Tiffany lamps and Edison bulbs for a warm and relaxed ambience,” says Hoprasartsuk.

About the exterior of the outlet, Hoprasartsuk states, “The concept for the exterior has been inspired by Edward Hopper’s famous painting ‘Nighthawks’ which is appealing and welcoming.”

Coming to the best part, ice creams and their specialty, sundaes! “Swensen’s is the ultimate sundae experience for everyone. We serve unique and signature sundaes, exciting ice cream creations, along with great tasting ice cream flavours. Moreover, we have exciting limited time offers along with excellent products and services, ensuring that our customers leave the place completely satisfied,” Hoprasartsuk concludes.