Chic ‘n’ Contemporary

By Sumeha Khalid
Tue, 02, 18

This week, You! takes a peek at a high-end salon started by Tanzeel Hashwani in Karachi.....


This week, You! takes a peek at a high-end salon started by Tanzeel Hashwani in Karachi...

While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, first impressions will always be imprinted in your minds. For instance, when a client walks into the salon or spa, its interior design will have a great impact on how the entire experience is going to pan out. Every aspect of the designing should be welcoming and at the same time reflect beauty and style. Retaining clients has become challenging with the quality of service being scrutinised in every way and is essential for the success of the business. Keeping this in mind, Tanzeel Hashwani is a force to reckon with in the beauty business. Recently, she opened ‘Tanzeela Hashwani Salon’ in Karachi, which is a welcome addition to the already existing ones. The salon intends to make clients feel good and happy about themselves after entering the space. Classy and chic are the first words that come to mind as you step inside the salon. The interior is as pleasing as the service.


It all began when Tanzeel headed to Australia to pursue higher studies. Once done with that, she enlisted herself in a five-year degree programme in salon management which covered both the business and technical side of running a salon. She then started working in Australia but after three years, she decided to head back to Pakistan. Once back, she started working with Tariq Amin for a very brief stint. Soon after, she got an opportunity to join L’Oreal where she ended up working for the next six and a half years in training capacity. Then she decided to start her own salon. “It took me a year to prepare a business plan and four months to come up with the best location for the salon. I sat down with interior designer Zahra Ebrahim and took her help to give a face to my dream,” shares Tanzeel.

During the meetings, designer Ebrahim and Tanzeel found out that they were on the same page. What Tanzeel suggested, Zahra seconded and vice versa. When a team believes in a singular goal, the only way is up.

“For starters, when I thought of my salon I envisaged a warm, cosy and welcoming space. I wanted to work on European lines rather than create a typical local salon,” explains Tanzeel. Keeping this in mind, she played with neutral hues such as white and gray, with splashes of copper.

There’s a monochromatic theme throughout the salon which creates the right mood coupled with the sunlight streaming in through the windows. “I wanted to use natural light as much as possible to add warmth to the salon, hence, during the designing process, I was insistent on installing big glass windows that would let in plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Once the interior was done according to my desire, I now wanted to decorate it with affection. Once again, my love for nature took over my aesthetics and instead of employing artificial accessories, I focused on using plants in the various nooks and crannies of the salon instantly injecting life in my artistic haven,” elaborates Tanzeel.

Another dominant feature of the salon is the tasteful use of wood and cane work with brass which lends this classy salon a vintage feel. “The cane and woodwork reminds me of my old family house and I have great childhood memories associated with it,” she nostalgically shares.

The salon is divided into two main areas - the hair section and the spa, each a work of art.

The pristine interior makes it a heavenly experience for the customers who feel instantly at home the minute they set foot on it. While the hair department takes care of all your hair related needs, the spa is where you can look forward to a few hours of indulgent pampering.

While Tanzeel loves every aspect of her salon, it is however, the Diagnostic area where she loves to relax and spend her spare time. “It is a cosy space in my hair section, where we do consultations with our clients. It is a simple room with a huge glass window that affords me a lovely view of the garden and my little dog rollicking in the shade,” she muses.

After putting in a lot of hard work, Tanzeel is finally satisfied with the end result. She couldn’t have asked for a better space. “This is exactly how I had always visualised it - a chic, contemporary salon with a European feel to it.”