January 9, 2018
By you desk

I am a 25-year-old girl. I belong to a very religious and conservative family....

Dear Professor,

I am a 25-year-old girl. I belong to a very religious and conservative family. I fell in love with the brother of a class fellow at my university. The problem is that if my parents come to know about our affair, they would be very angry and say no to the proposal. This guy was one year senior than me and since he completed his education before me, he is already working in a multinational company, and was posted to Peshawar three months ago. He wants to send his proposal, but I am scared. I don’t have the guts to speak to my parents; they will kill me! I cannot trust anyone in my family, I believe that even my own sister can betray me. Please give some suggestion to help me overcome this problem.

Helpless Girl

Dear Helpless Girl,

If there is no one in your family to speak for you, how about asking this guy’s sister to come over and talk to your mother? She can tell her that her brother is in Peshawar and is well placed. This should not cause raised eyebrows, as many girls recommend their friends when it is time for their brothers to get married. Pray to God to do what is in your best interest. Good luck!

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