By Wallia Khairi
Tue, 01, 23

This week, You! tapped four celebrity makeup artists to gain all the insight on the top makeup trends and predictions of 2023…


2023 is here and has brought with it a fresh start for all things - including our makeup. Beauty-wise, the New Year marks a slew of opportunities to try out new looks. Yes, we’re talking about hair colours, makeup and haircuts - but don’t overlook the wonderful and inventive world of colour cosmetics. Lipsticks, eyeshade palettes, concealers, and other cosmetics provide limitless chance for self-expression and fun. Your face is a canvas, and it’s the perfect playground to colour on. Blush will continue to provide buildable warmth, eyeliner is going the way of the statement-making seductress, and refractive details will allow you to channel the vibes of mermaids and robots alike. Now is the time to embrace your features, your skin, your hair and your face. This week, You! tapped four celebrity makeup artists to gain all the insight on the top makeup trends and predictions of 2023…

Q1 What are some beauty trends to look out for in 2023?

Q2 What will be the summer look for the year?

Q3 What will be the winter look this year?

Q4 What would you recommend for great skincare?

Q5 What kind of hairstyle and lip hues will we see in 2023?

Beenish Pervaiz


1 A quick rundown on the beauty trends would be statement lips, different liners like the siren or a wing or fox eyes, also retro shimmery eyes and lots of liquid highlighter. A lot of hair and skin accessories would be in vogue such as hair clips, headbands and for face you would be seeing the usage of stars, shimmers and stones.

2 For summer trends, we would be following more tone-on-tone tinted moisturisers or feather light foundations to keep the skin looking natural. Lots of mascara with subtle shimmery eyes or you can skip it altogether during the summers. Glossy lips with a very natural tint along with clean blushes would be in.

3 Winters would feature hyper glowy shimmery skin with little coverage. I predict a lot of multi-coloured eyeshades or mosaic designs on the eyes which give a retro vibe. A bold glossy lip or an ombre lipstick would be popular during the cold season. Also, the double dose mascara will be a winter essential along with bright bold hues for blush.

4 As far as skincare is concerned, I recommend not to be scanty with your sunblock and moisturise a lot. Incorporate serums and oils in your regime. If you’re over 25, then you must include hyaluronic acid or niacinamide in your skincare. Don’t forget to consult your dermatologist first. Other than that, focus on your food and water intake according to what your body needs and requires.

5 For hair, different types of shags, soft bobs, the Coco Chanel classic bob, fringes and different kind of bangs will be really in. There’s a new appreciation for curly hair texture in its natural form. Different kind of hairstyles like a sleek pony, centre parting, low buns, and braids would make an appearance. For lip hues, we would be leaning towards natural colours with lots of gloss or if it’s a bold colour then shocking pink, orange, dark browns and shades of red would be a hit.

Mona J


1 For the last two years, no specific look has been in trend and this year would be no different. But I think, the natural defined look, hinting at being slightly dramatic, but with the use of neutral and earthy tones will be the look for the year. The soft gothic look would also be popular.

2 The ultra-glossy lips will be the summer look of the year. The skin will lean towards being smooth having a sheen mirror effect. The summer look will focus heavily on bronzers, darker toned blush and with almost a natural tan look with highlighter.

3 The winter look would feature red lips, largely inspired by the ’90s. People are going to lean more towards a clean look along with graphic eyeliners.

 4 To achieve the glowy and glossy skin, a good skincare routine is required. Hydra facials are really in vogue and it actually helps by removing the dead layer of your skin in one-go. It helps in keeping your skin soft and healthy looking and also reverses aging. To shine like a runway model in Paris, it is important to take care of your skin.

5 Hairstyles will be very blunt in 2023. Fringes and curtain bangs are another trend a lot of people are following and it would remain this year, as well. They could be short or long, depending on your face shape.

Angie Marshall


1 The new trend in makeup will take us back to the ’90s. The heavy contour and matte foundations will be taken over by glowing and fresh face or glass effect skin - using lighter formulations, tinted serums, moisturisers and tinted sunblock. Bronzers will be taken over by watery effect holographic shimmers and highlighters. And blush is making a comeback and will reign during the coming year.

2 Wedding season will be in full swing during summers, so for brides, the upcoming wedding looks will be natural, luminous and glowy skin with very subtle contouring, eye lashes - both individual and strip lashes will continue with full force. Eye makeup will be in; tones of browns for those who opt for subtle looks and glitter and metallic for those who want some glam.

3 During the winter season, whatever colour that shines along with highlighter on the cheeks would be a beautiful combination topped off with lips in shades of rose red, brown or cherry.

4 Do not forget to moisturise, drink lots of water and go heavy on the sunblock.

5 Most haircuts that were loved in 2022 like the ’90s classics layers, straight one-length curtain bangs and bobs. This year, the short bob will continue to be huge throughout and beyond. Also, rocking the natural texture will continue in the coming year. Hair colour is going to be big trend, especially balayages in different shades. For lips, a glossy satin pout is going to be a go-to with shades of red, oranges, purple and browns.

Aliya Tipu


1 Dark femininity is sure to be a major 2023 trend - making eyes look sexy with very subtle makeup and nude lips. There was a moment when it was only about bronzer and highlighter but blush is back and bolder than ever. We’ll continue to see more experimental looks incorporating gems, pearls, glitter, and other accents that’ll cover not only the eyes but other parts of the face and body.

2 For summer makeup trends, we’ll be seeing very clean matte looks in summers in our country. Girls will be experimenting with different shades of cherry red, bubble-gum pink, velvet peach, coral, bright violet, and rich berry.

3 Winter for me, personally, tends to be a cold and dull time so I like to bring some colour into my looks. We will be seeing more pastels paired with a traditional dark red matte lip.

4 Cleanse your skin morning and night; exfoliate with a face scrub weekly; apply an antioxidant serum; moisturise, moisturise, moisturise; don’t forget the broad-spectrum sunscreen; use a face mask.

5 I think people are going towards a more natural look when it’s come to hair. Fringes are going to be something that many people will be rocking along with dyes of eccentric hair colours. Lips are set to be bolder than ever this year with a very clean face and perfect brows focusing on pulling the eye shape upward and outward.


Photo courtesy: Angie Marshall