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There are some sites that have the latest books and you can download whatever you want in seconds. Maybe you should run a page on these sites!



Dear Editor,

I believe ‘Summer reading 2022’ should have been published in late May or early June, but better late than never. I am happy to state that I already had read five of the books mentioned in the cover story, and got Night Shift by Alex Finlay after reading the story. Ed, I was disappointed to note that only Mohsin Hamid made it to Us list. I will buy The Last White Man, of course, because I think we all should promote our own writers. My monthly allowance is not enough to buy all the books I want, so I usually download the books I want to read. There are some sites that have the latest books and you can download whatever you want in seconds. Maybe you should run a page on these sites!

Iftikhar Rasheed, Lahore

Buying books to promote our local writers is great, but downloading books of other authors from unauthorized sources is not fair to the writers, and is in contravention of intellectual property rights of the writers. Many people do it without realizing that this practice is illegal. We suggest you join a library and borrow books to read, or download free books only.

Hi Eddy,

I was not able to read the past couple of issues of Us as we were on a road trip. I am catching up on my reading online and read with interest ‘Deadliest air disasters of all time’ by Zakeriya Ali, but I think he missed out on quite a few important ones. He forgot the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 that occurred in 1985, when 520 people died. It was the greatest number of fatalities involving one aircraft. I realise it’s not possible to include all the air crashes, but at least he covered the major ones. I must say it was an engrossing read!

Farah Syed, Lahore

Hi Eddy,

I really miss reading movie reviews in Us. I understand there is a separate section on entertainment in your newspaper, but Ed, I find reviews in that section complicated and wordy. I used to enjoy those lighthearted reviews by Sameen, Fatima and other writers.

Amna Nisar


In the issue of 22 July, the name of Zakeriya Ali who wrote the cover story ‘Deadliest air disasters of all time’ was inadvertently left out. We regret the error.



Narrated Ibn ‘Umar (R.A)

Umar bin Khattab (R.A) got some land in Khaibar and he went to the Prophet (S.A.W) to consult him about it saying, “O Allah’ Apostle got some land in Khaibar better than which I have never had, what do you suggest that I do with it?” The Prophet said, “If you like you can give the land as endowment and give its fruits in charity.” So Umar gave it in charity as an endowment on the condition that would not be sold nor given to anybody as a present and not to be inherited, but its yield would be given in charity to the poor people, to the Kith and kin, for freeing slaves, for Allah’s Cause, to the travelers and guests; and that there would be no harm if the guardian of the endowment ate from it according to his need with good intention, and fed others without storing it for the future.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 50, Number 895


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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