By S. K
Fri, 07, 22

Let the cool breeze in, hear the sweet pitter-patter of raindrops ...


Us two

“Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,

There’s always Pooh and Me.

Whatever I do, he wants to do,

“Where are you going today?” says Pooh:

“Well, that’s very odd ‘cos I was too.

Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he.

“Let’s go together,” says Pooh…”

- A.A. Milne

Summer rain

By Ayesha Quddusi

If I could drench myself, I would in summer rain

I could skip over a puddle, or kick a rolling stone

Shake a wet branch of tree over me,

Or maybe see the rainbow

And even if inside, I’d open a window

Let the cool breeze in, hear the sweet pitter-patter of raindrops

Sunshine, once again!

By Nazish Sabir

Bright days will knock hello soon,

Sun will sing again those beautiful tunes,

The air will send soothing vibes once more,

Again, there will be places open to humanity,

Filled with harmony and hope,

Solace and solidarity will rule these lands,

Souls will embrace the beauty of longevity for land,

A chapter on hatred will wind up soon,

A journey of happiness will begin soon,

Oh, mothers will smile again,

For their children will get to play again,

Running around the streets with joy,

Such an amazing scene would it be soon,

What an encounter would it be,

Meeting the land and dreaming of good days,

Looking forward with utmost hope,

And working for a better future while rejecting chaos.

The puppet show

By Mashaal Farid

“Follow!“ I obeyed

I wanted to run instead, but stayed

Taught omens; I believed

That’s how I got life to perceive

A schedule was set

On something they’d bet

And accordingly I’d have to act

When to smile and when to grieve

Laughter: an option brief

“To any expectation never withstand,

...certain notions we hope you understand”

To think is a sin

So throw your ideas in the bin

“Being pinhead is disappointment,

Also keep life and dreams disjointed”

No display of fears and lost tears

I: a mere puppet in the house of puppeteers.

And incomplete

By Hafza Noor

It noticed,

How changed,

The smile,

The eyes,


In a moment,

They saw,

The smile

How broken,

How tearful,

It was!

How it felt

Both, happy

And incomplete.

Compiled by SK