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Fri, 01, 22

We need to know how government is going to deal with this....



Hello Eddy,

“2021 – not as bad as 2020” was a fun read! Loved how well you people summarised the year in pictures. And the design of the story also looked cool. But Ed, I really missed the critical year-ender story that Us has always published at the end of every year.

Sadia Khan

Hi Ed,

Omicron is spreading rapidly around the world. A lot of districts in the US have moved to virtual teaching in their educational institutes; now I am thinking how we are going to tackle this new wave. We are all going to schools, visiting markets and attending weddings like Covid was a joke. Even vaccinated people can have Covid! People are very irresponsible and taking this very lightly. Please, do some story on this topic as well. We need to know how government is going to deal with this.

Faiza Jawed, Karachi

Hello Editor,

I really enjoy the pictorial section. It is always great to see some fascinating arts and crafts in the magazine. I always wonder how people come up with such creative ideas. Also please publish interviews of Pakistani artists as well so that young artists feel inspired. It is very hard to pursue arts in Pakistan. Art schools are very expensive and then it is challenging to find jobs. I have seen that only people living abroad can pursue arts comfortably.

Also, I don’t get to see art mart on the back page. It used to be a great page. I would often take cuttings of the drawings from Us and paste them on my walls. Us had some really awesome artists.

Jamal Shah, Karachi


Hi Ed,

I live in Rawalpindi and I don’t receive Us magazine with my Friday paper. I just wanted to know if Us has gone online completely.

Kausar Syed

Hey Kausar, Us comes out in print regularly! You should talk to your newspaper delivery person and find out why Us is missing.




Narrated Ibn Umar:

Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W) said, “An animal should not be milked without the permission of its owner. Does any of you like that somebody comes to his store and breaks his container and takes away his food? The udders of the animals are the stores of their owners where their provision is kept, so nobody should milk the animals of somebody else, without the permission of its owner.”

Sahih Bukhari, 2435, Book 45, Hadith 10


Lubna Khalid


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