By S. K
Fri, 07, 21

Poems forever


Yes. I remember Adlestrop —

The name, because one afternoon

Of heat the express-train drew up there

Unwontedly. It was late June.

The steam hissed. Someone cleared his throat.

No one left and no one came

On the bare platform. What I saw

Was Adlestrop — only the name

And willows, willow-herb, and grass,

And meadowsweet, and haycocks dry,

No whit less still and lonely fair

Than the high cloudlets in the sky.

And for that minute a blackbird sang

Close by, and round him, mistier,

Farther and farther, all the birds

Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Edward Thomas


By Mashaal Farid

Chasing the wind was never intended

Probably when my love was not yet invented

An evening with chaos in a phase of shades

Company of a rose on thorns and blades

Few promises so hard to believe

Yet hope stricken on the line to leave

Let treasure a moment — enough for the long run

So then what if some ashes burn

For this won’t be a goodbye


The two of us under the same sky.

The girl who never stops smiling

By Izma Mamoon

Do you know that girl

Who smiles a lot

Without any cause?

How well do you know her

When you can’t see her

The way I do?

Her smiles of sadness

You take for madness,

Her lips seem stuck that way.

But don’t you see

Her eyes give her out

And her lies tell stories.

You say that you love her blindly

And you’re right

You are blind,

You can’t see,

Even if you look at her 24/7.

So how will you catch her

When she falls apart?

How will you fix her broken pieces

if she breaks down and shatters?

Hug her tight

I say

And love her in such a way

That she forgets all her miseries and pain.

Who knows

You’ll hug her in such a way,

And say, “I know you’re not okay.”

Maybe you’ll fit all her pieces together.

Offer your shoulder for her head to rest

And let her eyes get wet

Let those tears fall

But maybe,

She doesn’t need you

Nor me

Nor anyone else.

She’s strong enough

She can handle herself.

Her world falls apart

Day by day, hour by hour, second by


But she smiles all the time

And looks the prettiest at that time

That’s why she is,

The girl who never stops smiling.

Compiled by SK