By US Desk
Fri, 05, 21

A very happy Eid to you all. Stay safe. Stay blessed. And keep contributing !

To the most special person in my life!

I will miss not meeting you this on Eid! Travelling is not an option right now due to Covid, but will video call zindabad! Will transfer your Eidi into your account!

RA, Lahore

Dear Asad and Laila,

This is going to be our third Eid without you people. We’re missing you so much! We want you to know that we are always praying for you guys. We hope you are having nice time in Ontario. We wish you a very Eid.

From your loving sister, Nadia, Multan

Dear readers and contributors!

A very happy Eid to you all. Stay safe. Stay blessed. And keep contributing!

All of Us

Dear Nani,

Eid has lost its charm since you left us. How you would call the entire clan for Eid ki dawat, cook us delicious food, and shower us with hugs and prayers! Sometimes the best memories hurt the most. I hope we all carry on the spirit of Eid celebration and learn to appreciate life like our elders did.

Eid Mubarak to all my cousins and friends!

Farheen Haider, Rawalpindi

Dear friends:

Sana: Will send you Eid cake! Want you to become fatter than me!

Rameen: It will be great celebrating your birthday on Eid Day without having to give you a present. Raincheck!

Ayesh: Hope your sister recovers fully before Eid. I am praying for her.

Your bestie, Twinkle

Dear Amnah,

Eid Mubarak! Another year that I miss shopping and playing dress up with the little munchkin on Eid! Hope you guys are staying safe. Lots of love.

Safina, Karachi

Dear Ed,

Eid Mubarak to you and Us family!

I hope this is the last one we spend at our homes. I missed hanging out with friends post-iftar during Ramazan and I miss the first-day Eid dinner gathering that we used to host at our home as well (even if I don’t admit it to anyone). The gossips, the food; basically the whole merriment that we associate with the occasion. But I don’t want to be the careless one. I know it’s for the sake of these very people whom I love with all my heart – my parents, my grandparents, my cousins and aunts and uncles – that I need to stay put and do with a virtual Eid meetup this year, too. In these testing times, we really should be counting our blessings right instead of complaining over trivial things.

Hamna, Karachi