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Fri, 04, 21

While I quiver in my little quilt like the sails in the sea song...The demons around me, laugh at me, possess me;

Pretty ugly world

By Nazish Sabir

It is dark in my head

So dark are my thoughts

I can’t escape the cage

Helping me won’t help along

Drowning deep into this gloomy well

Maybe my soul has surrendered to this evil empire

Sabotaging my head

They say to let it all go

But to them, I can only squeak out,

“My insurrections are of no use!”

If aid did play any role in this guilt-game

This evil empire would have surrendered my head


There’s misery all around

Any step ahead takes me back to the ground

Where all I see is the drought caused by my wicked soul

And the overthinker mind

Entirely lured by the beauty and vows of the world,

And its glitters;

We so wish to live and die for


By Ali Asghar Ghani

Yes, I talk not to humans less


invisible, immortal, insane companion


who is permanent inhabitant of

the locked room behind my eyes

Poems forever

Abu’l Hasan Yam n ud-D n Khusrau (1253-1325), better known as Amir Khusrau Dehlav, was a Sufi musician, poet and scholar from India. He has been called the “voice of India,” the “parrot of India” (Tuti-e-Hind), and the “father of Urdu literature.” Enjoy the translation of his verse Ay chehra-e zeba-e tu rashk-e butan-e azari;….

Baashad ki az behr-e khuda, su-e ghareeban bangari.

O you whose beautiful face is the envy of the idols of Azar

(Abraham’s father and famous idol maker);

You remain superior to my praise.

All over the world have I travelled;

Many a maiden’s love have I tasted;

Many a beauty-star have I seen; but you are something unique.

I have become you, and you me; I have become the body,

you the soul; So that none hereafter may say

that “I am someone and you someone else.”

Khusro a beggar, a stranger has come wandering to your town;

For the sake of god, have pity on this beggar

and do not turn him away from your door.

-Translation by Dr. Hadi Hasan

Black swan

By Adan Fatima

The thunderstorm of my memories;

Wrecks me, kills me

While I quiver in my little quilt like the sails in the sea song

The demons around me, laugh at me, possess me;

And my loneliness eats me like a deadly prey

But I fight with my tears, being my only sword

Now look at me, I won my long-lost war

I changed from a shivering bird in the cold to a black swan

A black swan, that dances in the rain without fear