By S. K
Fri, 10, 20

The air was warmed by the fire burning in my heart, Yellow sky, yellow land, yellow bare trees...


By Ayesha Malik

Each action and each word

Becomes a shining sword

Hanging over my dry throat

False expectations encroach

Entangle my forlorn approach

Each effort is a vain stroke

A lunge in the looming dark

Coming back to embark

I apprehend that the coming day

Will bring another dagger my way

Or, rather, I stay and try to change

My stance, my game in exchange

For a kind word and a smile in vain

Hoping to be included in the laughter

Candour of a loving and candid chatter

A wink across the sky

By Nazish Sabir

Twinkling stars

And the naughty touch of wind

Strands of hair

Whispering into the ears

Something tricky

Kinda cute thing

With a fine show

Lightening up the sky

Turning the wandering souls

Into a joyful mood

As the limelight of the

Starry night replaced the bright curtains and winked Across the sky

Han walls

By Faruk Nafiz ÇAMLIBEL

Whinnied the dark horses; cracked the leather whip in air,

The wagon paused in its tracks for a moment.

For a long while rattled the springboard beneath me.

Caravanserais one after another passed in front my eyes…

With a heavy and homesick heart, I was on my way,

Along the Uluki la road heading into Central Anatolia.

Like a first love, a first hurt, a first separation!

The air was warmed by the fire burning in my heart,

Yellow sky, yellow land, yellow bare trees...

O! These ancient roads which connect villages to frontiers,

Ancient roads grieving for those who will never return home!

O! These han walls writ with such mournful lines

O! These han walls which wring my heart!...

‘Han’ means inn in Turkish. ‘Han Walls’ is one of the most beloved poems of Turkish literature. It was published in 1925 in the Turkish literary magazine, Türk Yurdu. The 104-line poem was written in 1923, the very same year as the birth of the Turkish Republic.

Translated from Turkish by Katharine Branning

Compiled by SK