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Fri, 07, 20

From the cracks of the bullets and the deadly bid....But the child didn’t rile...

Moosah of Kashmir

By Usama bin Tanveer

Sounded across seas were a toddler’s woes

Heart wrenching they are for friends and foes

Tyranny has ebbed to the lowest lows

When will this end, no one knows

I wonder about the grandpa’s soul

That must have roamed cheek by jowl

Also had ventured to protect the kid

From the cracks of the bullets and the deadly bid

But the child didn’t rile

Which sufficed to defile

The perpetrators’ profile

To the extent fragile

Also I wonder

Through history’s calendar

The kid could become the Moosah of Egypt

Steadily toeing with the divine script

One day he might cajole

The Indians on the whole

“To wake up again to their forgotten history

laced up with peace, and a tolerant ancestry.“

Blight of the past

By Sara Batool

Let’s be honest this time

It saddens me more

That how a person who was so important,

Somehow, unfortunately, becomes a panic attack

How their interaction begins to provoke anxiety

And all of a sudden, with rushing heartbeat and confused mind

It dawns upon us

Perhaps we have come too far

So far

That there is no way back

And we find reasons and lies

Just to save our soul from the blight

The blight of the past...

When you were my life

By Bariyah Faisal

All the things that you told me

Maybe they weren’t true

Maybe you were gaslighting me

But I hung on your every word

I believed in everything you said

Every step I took

It was a reflection of my love

My life stood still

When you were in it.

True lovers

By Maryam Shah

You don’t need

a perfect body

or a beautiful face

to fall in love

all you need is

an altruistic soul

a charming smile


a diamond heart

For true lovers

exchanging kisses

or long talks

are all inconsequential.


Ali Asghar Ghani

Like a key

words unlock


fire breathing black dragon

living in the locked castle

behind the eyes