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Fri, 04, 20

After a long time, I am having to share Us with my siblings, thanks to this forced closure of our schools and colleges!


Dear Ed,

After a long time, I am having to share Us with my siblings, thanks to this forced closure of our schools and colleges!

Staying at home is not easy for me and I suppose for everyone else, but we all should make the best out of this situation and try to pass time constructively.

I count reading Us and other stuff a constructive pastime!

Reading newspapers and magazines and watching tv has just made me realise one thing: degrees don’t make a person enlightened at all! When I see pictures of people in close proximity in public places I feel frustrated and depressed. Why can’t people see the bigger picture and overcome their natural instinct to go out just because they are bored? In UK, I have read fines up to 60 pounds are imposed on those who are caught outside without a genuine reason. May be our government should do the same.

Hope good sense prevails and as a nation we can win this battle against Corona! Stay safe at home, Us friends!

Raheel Safdar, Karachi

Dear Ed,

I have heard that quality of air is improving everywhere. A cousin in Karachi told me that even there a marked difference has been noticed in the environment. I wonder if this is God’s way of telling us that we are abusing the planet that is our home and should take heed before everything reaches the point of no return.

Wardah Zafar, Multan

Dear Ed,

I think this issue was really good; it was a nice mix of stories and information and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you all for publishing Us in the current situation! I am very happy that I can still read newspapers and magazines, but you people shouldn’t put your own safety in jeopardy!

Stay safe, people!

Ahmed Khan, Lahore


Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

The Prophet (SAW) said,

'Allah has made Mecca, a sanctuary, so it was a sanctuary before me and will continue to be a sanctuary after me. It was made legal for me (i.e. I was allowed to fight in it) for a few hours of a day. It is not allowed to uproot its shrubs or to cut its trees, or to chase (or disturb) its game, or to pick up its luqata (fallen things) except by a person who would announce that (what he has found) publicly.' Al-`Abbas said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Except Al-Idhkhir (a kind of grass) (for it is used) by our goldsmiths and for our graves.' The Prophet then said, 'Except Al-Idhkhir.' `Ikrima said, 'Do you know what chasing or disturbing the game means? It means driving it out of the shade to occupy its place.

Sahih Bukhari, Hadith no. 1833


Lubna Khalid

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