By S. K
Fri, 01, 20

That would’ve turned the pages of the book of life, which were unturned. For decades....

Year’s End

By Ted Kooser

Now the seasons are closing their files

on each of us, the heavy drawers

full of certificates rolling back

into the tree trunks, a few old papers

flocking away. Someone we loved

has fallen from our thoughts,

making a little, glittering splash

like a bicycle pushed by a breeze.

Otherwise, not much has happened;

we fell in love again, finding

that one red feather on the wind.

Seeking an epiphany

By Zarnab Elahi

‘What’, that would be forever.

That would have changed the paths,

That would have gone so far.

That would’ve turned the pages of the book of life, which were unturned.

For decades...

That would’ve lifted the statue of silence to the height, with grace.

Has now shattered into pieces.

The lasting, sizzling sound has met the quietness.

Did you ever think of what it would be...

It’s the mystery and energy.

It’s the shouting voice, shaking apathy.

And it’s the shivering goodness that wants to please,

The statue of silence with ease.

To listen to its voice, and to make it alive,

May be for ‘Ever’...

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


By Momina Hassan

Clusters of stars, kingdoms of night

Wandering through the vaults of heaven

Many wonders I sight

Moonlit shades of blue yonder pass me by

Infinity of beauty I lay beside

Watching mysterious colours of nature listening to melodies of This stranger

Compromised life

By Bashoo Khattak

Dragging the vehicle

Bursting the tires

Falling from the car

Bleeding on the road.

Years on road of life ensured

The immature drag race

And the walk of life;

Carries no difference


By Anam Afzaal

December’s cold reminds me,

Of you. How my warm words

Couldn’t melt your heart away.

Ah! This fog does wonders.

Wrapped around you, and flew away.

It wasn’t cold, which made me numb.

It wasn’t cold, folks.