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Fri, 11, 19

We will hold the poetry writing competition early in 2020. The rules will remain the same: one poem per entrée. Poems should ideally be of less than 400 words....


Dear Ed,

I am loving the stories by Iqra Asad and Saniyyah Eman. Both are very talented writers and although their styles are totally different, I enjoy reading “Hackschool Project” and “Violet vipers.” While Iqra entertains and educates in Hackschool, Sanniyah reminds us how lucky we are to be living in Pakistan. Thank you, Quaid-e-Azam! Here’s to hoping our people cherish the Quaid’s gift of freedom! Long live Pakistan!

Sabeeha Fatima, Lahore

Hi Ed,

“Violet vipers” by Saniyyah Eman is being missed! Can we have an episode every week, please? It is of great interest to us, the readers, in view if the Indian atrocities in the Occupied Kashmir. What a great way to make us appreciate our own homeland!

Bilqees Jehan, Lahore

Hey Ed,

I was thinking how good it would be if I became slim and trim like Us! Wishful thinking, I know, but one can always hope, right? Other than that, I love the magazine, and all the stories you are running. Keep it up!

Asia Jahangir, Rawalpindi

Hello Ed,

I have been reading Us for a couple of years now. Sometimes it’s very good, and sometimes it’s okay, which is fine. The important thing is that mostly I love the variety of its content. I think among so many sections, I want to read “Confessions” every week. “Quiz Whiz” is also my favourite and the art work by young artist is almost always captivating. It would be nice to see the art printed on paper of good quality. Seeing it online is so different from seeing it in the print version. Please try to improve the printing and paper quality.

Asim Khan, Karachi


Hey Ed,

I just want to know if you are planning to hold poetry writing competition… the year is almost over.

Farah Ali, Mardan

We will hold the poetry writing competition early in 2020. The rules will remain the same: one poem per entrée. Poems should ideally be of less than 400 words.


Narrated by Abu Huraira (R.A)

Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) said, “When the Adhan for the prayer is pronounced, then Satan takes to his heels passing wind so that he may not hear the Adhan and when the Muadh-dhin finishes, he comes back; and when the Iqama is pronounced he again takes to his heels and when it is finished, he again comes back and continues reminding the praying person of things that he used not to remember when not in prayer till he forgets how much he has prayed.” Abu Salama bin ‘Abdur-Rahman said, “If anyone of you has such a thing (forgetting the number of Rakat he has prayed) he should perform two prostrations of Sahu (i.e. forgetfulness) while sitting.” Abu Salama narrates this from Abu Huraira.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 22, Number 313


Lubna Khalid

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