By S. K
Fri, 08, 19

Excerpted from Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning....

Poems forever

Of writing many books there is no end;

And I who have written much in prose and verse

For others’ uses, will write now for mine,–

Will write my story for my better self,

As when you paint your portrait for a friend,

Who keeps it in a drawer and looks at it

Long after he has ceased to love you, just

To hold together what he was and is

- Excerpted from Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The love song of disquiet

By Sa’ad Nazeer

Your soul ran dry

As the brook in the foliage

From the callings of the summer

—- Runs dry,

Sucked by the wanton evening

The crimson of your lips,

What rain brought down

The winds carried it

To wherever I was —- deciphering you.

This sad stillness about your eyes;

Something held back there,

Something which was unsaid

For a long, long time.

Your body’s utter rebellion

Against the tyranny of sheets,

The battle of wits being fought

With the thunderstorms,

You pressed yourself against me

Like an epiphany

And babbled out those words

That have caused blood to boil;

blood to freeze;

And at length I replied

With kisses wild,

The brook in the foliage

Sprang to life —- one last time.


By Maheen Batool

As the night falls

The funeral begins

All these stars that wander

The lonely sky

Have seen the dispirited me

The clouds that roam the blackened skies

Have all felt my growing anxiety

If only they could help

I wouldn’t be so depressed

To the Waves

By Laraib Zakir

I knew I was walking towards you.

But why?

No, I didn’t know that.

It was just that you were there and I had to come to you.

No, I couldn’t see you,

I wouldn’t be able to,

Till the morning.

But for now I wanted to listen to you,

To walk in secrecy to you.

I could see the moon,

Nearing to you

Just as I was.

Did you say something to it?

It was pulling you towards itself.

Your thunders,

Were so calming,

Only because I find

Serenity in everything fierce.

It was utterly dark,

The starry night enveloped us together

In solitude.

I loved how with every little step,

We were closer.

It was that,

That without seeing you,

I could feel the passageways that you took,

Where you turned,

Where you slowed down

And just how you knew

That I was there.

Compiled by SK

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