By S. K
Fri, 05, 19

my eyes relentlessly sketch thy might Alone ashore, I capture the sight...


By Bushra Mustafa

Lost in thy abyss,

the heart twinges so hard.

Yet my words shackle,

for the voice has been lost .

Thoughts bewildered by presence,

my eyes relentlessly sketch thy might

Alone ashore, I capture the sight,

but aroma is echoing.

I’ve lost you,

near the abyss;

somewhere we had once met,

somewhere we had captured,



By Sidra Nasir

Lost myself in the labyrinth of life,

In the impenetrable network of lies

And betrayal.

In the abyss of dishonesty

And hate.

I searched for an exit, I searched for an escape

Only to realize that I was stuck in this maze.


By Ayman Ijaz

Everything just fades into view

As I go far into the dark

Everything seems so new

As I travel past the mark

I start at a point

And end up at the same one

Realize I haven’t travelled a mile

Before I am tired and done

This world is infinite

But I just keep walking

I don’t stop for a minute

And I just keep going

I have never been so curious

To travel past the stars

Haven’t travelled a path as perilous

As the one that leads to MARS

My experience reminds me

This world is infinite

Rising hopes advise me

Never to stop, not for a minute

Because this world is infinite

I’m Nobody! Who Are You?

I’m Nobody! Who are you?

Are you - Nobody - Too?

Then there’s a pair of us!

Don’t tell! They’d banish us - you know!

How dreary - to be - Somebody!

How public - like a Frog -

To tell one’s name - the livelong June -

To an admiring Bog!

- Emily Dickinson

I’ll wait

By Laraib Zakir

Maybe holding onto is tiring,

Excruciatingly draining of what is left.

It’s a little melancholy that goes a long way,

Something that withers you away.

Although wilted, you still want it to stay.

That is why

After waiting for so long

The mind betrays the heart,

Heart that yearns to cling on

For a little longer.

But how long is that little longer?

It’s too far-fetched ever to come back,

Infinitely fabricated to ever become true

And too abstract even to exist.

Comes the brittle answer.

The damage is what

I wish to reverse.

All I now want is the life

Before I met you.

The once strong belief starts to fade away

In a room flickering with doubts,

The fainted arguments

Gradually die, over and over again

Until they are finally buried.

Taking your name for the last time

The heart skips a beat.

A calm then settles

And that is when I ask you

What have I been waiting for this long?

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Compiled by SK